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February 1, 2023

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Mary andersonSeptember 14, 2019

2 hours made this film too long. We started losing interest in the long, slow movie

MICHAEL BAWDENSeptember 13, 2019

The movie was exciting and the main character, the jailer, was portrayed vividly and I thought he was terrific. It was for the most part accurate historically. There was some good dialogue from the other cast members. I was more critical than most would be because I taught in the Church Education System for 38 years, but I really enjoyed the movie and would recommend it highly.

TessieSeptember 13, 2019

Yes, it’s a real incident. The filmmakers describe using historical documents to inform the script and dialogue. I’ve been listening to YouTube lectures on Liberty Jail given by historians. The hearing that lead to their imprisonment was fully documented for a later government investigation. Also, it was fascinating to learn, among other things, of a promissory note showing that a jailer (other than Tillery) sold Joseph a horse for their escape, and they came to him later to collect on it (presumably since Joseph could not show his face again in Missouri). Joseph did pay them. It was well known that the jailers helped in their escape. Can’t wait to see the film.

Bob TaylorSeptember 12, 2019

The mob in this film is not a sea of anonymous, spitting, thugs, but has a leader whose brother was killed by a Mormon and who believes his cause is just. And though you aren’t necessarily rooting for him, you understand how he might think what he’s doing is justified. -- is there historical documentation for this incident or was it just added to create a situation? it would be nice to know - looks like a good movie.



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