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February 8, 2023

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CelesteSeptember 24, 2019

I’m so devastated by this article! I’m asking Our Heavenly Father to cover those innocent babies in the blood of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I didn’t think that I would read something so horrible in my life! My heart goes out to these babies! I don’t know what’s wrong with the humans in this world! Why so evil? Why prey on babies and hurt them? I’m so emotional right now, I can’t think straight! I’m going into prayer about this! This is the most disturbing news I’ve yet to come across with these articles! I’m so appreciative that we have The Meridian! I truly learn something new everyday! No matter how degrading it my be, I still learn something new! I learn good and hopeful things too, but this right here, just leveled me! I’m looking at my grandbabies right now and I’m so elated that I’m here for them and I’ve sacrificed my life and the things that I wanted out of my life for them! Actually for them and my daughters! God is so amazing! He is the Alpha and the Omega! The beginning and the End! King of all Kings! We need him so very much! Thank you Jesus for everything, words can not express!

JanelleSeptember 22, 2019

People are sick! I hope we at least pass the Born Alive Survivors Protection Act. A complete ban on abortion would be preferable!

Charles DefranchiSeptember 14, 2019

It someone were trying to give an example of what an abomination is, here is the best one! Our world and modern science have surpassed Sodom and Gomorrah! We are indeed approaching at an increasing pace to the "end of times".

Michael Shea, MDSeptember 13, 2019

I guess that’s someone’s idea of compassion.

Doris WilliamsSeptember 13, 2019

I don't know how long our dear Lord can look down on our world with this indescribable evil occurring so frequently and still withhold our due punishment. The hardening of our hearts, the great selfishness too often prevalent in our society is is almost unbelievable. The precious souls deprived of a chance to live breaks our hearts. Each revelation becomes more horrendous. People just don't understand the Lord's plan, and the value of each soul. How many "Einsteins", "Mozarts", "Helen Kellers", "mother Teresas" just didn't make it!

Sharon J ShogrinSeptember 12, 2019

To think that people can kill a poor little innocent baby is hard for me to fathom that. And then to throw them in the trash is more unbelievable. They are our future! Are these little ones too pure to live on Earth or is it just Satan working in the world? This breaks my heart!



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