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December 3, 2020

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Richard Dee WinmillSeptember 10, 2019

One has to wonder if it is best to let this yellow journalism fall of it's on weight? After and initial dispute on the fact, maybe drop it and see if the the sound of one hand clapping might be the best response? This particular beast feeds on controversy. Don't feed the beast.

TomSeptember 9, 2019

This is only the beginning. The left will not stop until we bow before their altar of relativism. It has been coming for decades and we were warned about over and over so we shouldn't be surprised by it. If the left gains control of the White House, the Senate and the House we may be told what we can Preach over the Pulpit as well as what we can teach our children. And it won't take long for that to happen. BYU itself as well as a fair number of members in Utah Valley lean very heavily left on many topics. All is not well in Zion.

Michael Shea, MDSeptember 9, 2019

I have just about lost ALL respect for the profession of journalism. The first rule of good writing is to keep the readers’ attention focused on the issue at hand. Well, here is my issue: just what, exactly, does football have to do with LGBQT politics? Nothing. Nothing at all. It may have something to do with money, and it has a lot to do with the political fashions of the day, but it has nothing to do with football. Those students can be thankful I am not their professor. They would both get “F’s”. And if I were the dean, that professor would be looking for employment elsewhere. All articles like that do is to create public discord. That is called Yellow Journalism. I guess that’s the sort of journalism favored at USU.

Lorraine BridgeSeptember 9, 2019

These USU reporters are so guilty of what they claim to be opposed to; they are prejudiced against any school that has an opinion different than theirs. Another example of the liberal point of view: if you don’t agree with what I say then you are wrong. Very sad commentary on today’s society.

Launa WestonSeptember 9, 2019

I graduated from the USU journalism program twenty three years ago and was not surprised to read about a story like this coming out of the program there. My experience while there was that nearly every professor in the program tended to have a VERY left leaning philosophy on life, with liberal political views. In fact I can only think of one professor who didn’t-and he was only a part time instructor with a real journalism job writing for the local paper. That’s probably what kept his feet a little more firmly in reality lol. And by the way -why are political opinions like that described as “liberal” when in reality these type of views are very UN-liberal in regards to others? I was married and pregnant by the time I received my degree and I remember specifically being called out BECAUSE I was married and pregnant. The professor was lecturing about what I can’t remember but he called on me and said “You know life isn’t like you think it is. You’re living in a bubble and what are your plans going to be when divorce happens?” Or something to the effect. I can also very clearly being in a class with our department head and him making the comment that he and his wife-who also was a professor at Usu in a different department-were shocked at all the college age students who were married with children at USU. He said it was like “Babies having babies” everywhere they looked on campus. I also remember him using a video one day in class of one of Senator Bob Bennett’s campaign videos and picking it apart bit by bit to show how ridiculous conservative Republicans are and point out how the commercials were supposedly made in a way that would make conservatives look better than they really are. (Isn’t that the same for ANY political commercial and campaign by the way?) Another professor used his class time at least twice a week to rant about the “ridiculous small town morals of Cache Valley.” I often wondered why in the world he continued to live and teach in a place he had so much contempt for and finally decided it must be that he couldn’t get a job anywhere else and was bitter. Anyway, I just found the program there at USU to be particularly slanted toward churning out close-minded liberals, and that was almost 25 years ago, so I would imagine that it has only gotten worse in the years since.

LexaGraemeSeptember 9, 2019

Unfortunately, shoddy journalism is all the rage these days. That a journalism professor is in the byline for the article in question is disappointing. That it is published in papers notorious for opinion-masking-as-news, though, makes it written for its audience. It also shows me that, 30 years after I first saw it, Cougar hatred—not rivalry, there’s a difference—is still alive and well for some in Aggie Country, and that is also disappointing.

Pam BiggerSeptember 9, 2019

Well done sir... I appreciate this insight very much... it is a little crazy out there with all this fussing and fighting about everything and nothing... thank you for taking the time to write this :0)



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