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December 4, 2021

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George ThompsonSeptember 13, 2019

Your take on the greater sin remaining with the person who refuses to forgive added the concept that the act of refusing gives Satin leverage over us. This concept is good and worthwhile to promote, but I think that it misses the central issue, of why failure to forgive could be considered the greater sin. My feeling is that Heavenly Father's plan for our progression in this life required that we forgive all of the other children and that they forgive us of faults and sins. Failure to forgive is therefore rebellion against and rejection of God's plan, the plan of salvation. Those who rejected God's plan in the pre-existance were cast down to hell. Will those who reject God's plan while in mortality be treated any different? We do lack a full understanding in this mortal existance, but failure to forgive is still a very serious sin.



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