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October 26, 2021

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HalSeptember 4, 2019

I found that the more I express gratitude to my Heavenly Father for my blessings, the more aware I am of how much I am blessed and that the blessings come at an increased rate! Even my trials have turned into tremendous blessings. Even years of enduring a painful trial prepared me for blessings that I now enjoy that would not have been possible without the preparatory refiner's fire. Truly, everything will work together for our good if we continue faithful and show our gratitude for our blessings.

CarolineSeptember 4, 2019

This is so true. I’ve learned it the hard way, but it is so true. My prayers now are full of thanks and “Thy will be done!” Lots of names of individuals but complete trust that He knows their needs better than I.

Toni PorterSeptember 4, 2019

"While moments and hours distill the will of heaven upon us, we search the skies for angels." Such poetry!



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