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September 23, 2020

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DianeSeptember 3, 2019

These two comments make me feel so sad! Of ALL the universities in the country, BYU should be the most encouraging, the most caring,and the most helpful to its students. Instead, it seems the students are just part of “the masses.” When I was there with my husband—he was the student—many years ago, I felt then that the attitude was too much one of being tough on the kids, stern, unbending, strict. Of course they need to learn to be self-disciplined, but there should NOT be an attitude of being so tough so that they fail, where the students end up feeling unloved. Young adulthood is hard enough, filled with many self-doubts. The faculty at BYU, more than any other university, should bend over backward to build the students up and help them be successful.

LettieAugust 28, 2019

As a recent graduate from BYU, it was definitely a testimony-challenging environment. Some teachers were arrogant, uncaring, and even openly dishonest about assignments to students (especially lying about deadlines). Fortunately, I had some great professors that helped me salvage my experience and education. I hope that BYU steps up to make sure that the faculty treat students fairly rather than as a means to fund research.

GrandpathegreatAugust 27, 2019

I work there and admin doesn't know much about actual students, and unfortunately don't really care about the needs of the staff. The ones who do the real work on campus. Certain managers are great and others only care about looking good at the cost of others. Admin needs to get out of there comfortable chairs and Actually meet with staff, in all depts not just a select few. On a side note..I have a great boss, just the bosses above us don't really care unfortunately. Hopefully President Kevin Worthen will read these comments, and listen to employees to make it a better environment to work in. I have kids who have graduated there, and I am glad they did. Go Cougs!



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