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December 15, 2019

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BobJuly 30, 2019

To Brad, hope you don't feel picked on. It is very hard to be patient when everyone encourages patience, and you are in the throes of anxiety and depression. If you are patient and believe or desire to believe, it will come. I suffered these things off and on most of my life and finally found Christ's overwhelming joy in my forties. Definitely worth the struggle and the wait. When I read your comment I remembered a very inspired blessing I gave to an elder who appeared like your comments. The Spirit took over; it was a beautiful blessing. The Spirit told him that what he was experiencing was by design and encouraged him to hold on and be strong and patient, that his experiences were developing him to help many many others, in his future, whom most would be unable to help; but that he would because of his experience and struggle and strengthening. I am from Louisiana. We cook. Life is a gumbo with hours of preparation and is at its best the next day. Don't make life a microwave meal. They are barely sustenance and just not that good. By the way try a little potato salad in your gumbo; it's really good.

Rita MillerJuly 24, 2019

Brad, your questions brought me to tears in sympathy for your sadness. It is so hard to read about marvelous experiences that seem to happen to everyone but you. As I read through the scriptures many years ago as a new member, I heard the experiences of Moses, Isaiah, Paul, Nephi and Abish and wonder "Why not me?". What I failed to see was that each of these experiences were tailored to a specific need, either the person's or God's. I eventually had my own powerful witness, which came because the Lord needed me to do something. You, too, will have your own witness, but it's never an event that comes just because you want it. It comes because you are ready for it, even if you don't realize it before hand. His timing is always perfect, and He will manifest Himself to you in a most unexpected way, a way you can't explain to others or maybe even to yourself. You are being prepared for that, and it will come. Stay true to the course the Lord has set out for you, keep close to the Savior, and ask for strength to do what He asks of you. He loves you, completely and unconditionally.

Rusty RobinsonJuly 23, 2019

For Brad G. We know the Saviour loves each of us very dearly, otherwise why take upon himself every sin we make, so that we can go to be with him. Probably he does come to you - just not in the same way he did with those in these stories. Think in your heart. Remember?

BradGJuly 23, 2019

These stories are wonderful and they brought me to tears. I’ve come to understand that in my case I am an emotional person and where some consider a welling up of emotion to be evidence of the influence of the Spirit, I cannot. Stories like these I choose to believe but the thought always comes: why to these? Why not to all? Why not to me? What made them “special” when there are others that yearn for such an experience and receive none? Is it worthiness? I didn’t notice that these individuals exhibited any particular worthiness. We understand God is no respecter of persons. Not everyone that considers taking their life receives an intervening visit from the Savior, my guess is very few. So why these, and not me? I love stories like these but they make me sad. Self-pity is not a desirable trait I know.

Carol MartinJuly 23, 2019

These accounts brings tears to my eyes. He loves us very much.

AngelsingsJuly 23, 2019

Remember, Joseph Smith was a teenager when he witnessed the Father & His Son.



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