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February 1, 2023

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Joy LangNovember 7, 2019

We just got to see this beautiful film and it is just playing here in Novemberr in Calgary Alberta. What a testimony of the power of ministering to others & how powerful service can be in our lives. Great missionary tool. I want to read the book! I wish that notification could be sent to Church PR reps of upcoming movies produced by TC Christiansen or others & that are going to be shown in theaters. There are times that good movies are only shown for a week or sometimes they only play for a weekend. By the time we hear from other Church members, it is gone! One movie about the missionaries who were held captive only played 2 days!

Judy HaddadJuly 22, 2019

My husband & I read the book & saw how the Beans overcame the adversity & completed their mission for the Church. They weren’t released for 25 years & were heartsick to leave when they were released. We are so disappointed here in Ontario, Canada that this movie will not be shown here. There are so many Saints who would love to see this movie.

Carol Grass WinklerJuly 22, 2019

And after days like that, she still took time to do my husband's shirts! Keith had the privilege two summers of his Eastern States missionary experience of serving as the voice of King Lamoni at the Hill Cumorah pageant. The summer of 1955 in the first year of our marriage, we drove to Palmyra and he told me of the Beans, who had by then been released. This was before the days of "wash 'n wear", and the missionaries still had to have white shirts done up for the public appearances. Since his days were filled with assignments on the construction crew and his evenings were taken for performances, dear Sister Bean took over having his white shirts washed, ironed, and ready for him daily. Though I never met her, she has always been an inspiration.

Marsha NewmanJuly 22, 2019

Can’t wait to see it! Historical films are a superb way for our generation to “virtually “ experience the heroism and effort that our ancestors shouldered daily To push God’s work forward. They set the disciple bar high! May we follow worthily in their footsteps.



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