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June 1, 2023

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Seagull SuzJuly 11, 2019

OMG...yes, your last comment...BE MORE DELIBERATE!... Have you ever had a group of kids...a diverse group...LDS and other Christian or Jewish or Muslim kids?...ask them a question about any social issue...most likely the LDS kids will not have a clue how to answer...teach your kids about the world around them...BE DELIBERATE!...those kids need to be street smart as well as BOM smart!!!

Samantha, Lebanon, TNJuly 10, 2019

I should have said, 'most of the parents we saw in the office' seemed as if they did not want to take responsibility for their children' almost as if they were afraid of them!

Samantha, Lebanon, TNJuly 10, 2019

I worked as a registered nurse in a pediatric office for almost 20 years. Parents could always call for advice about their child's health. At first, we nurses could give advice on what to do before making an appointment. That was well received for many years before my time and for a minimum of five or so years after. Gradually we saw resistance to common sense remedies for things which our parents would NEVER have made an appointment. By the time I retired, the majority of parents were resistant to suggestion for even the simplest thing, such as removing a splinter. And horror of horrors -- inserting a suppository rectally for an older infant with constipation!! Parents would calI and complain about their child not taking their medication (I always wanted to ask 'Who's the adult in your house?').I came to the conclusion long before I retired that today's parents don't want to take responsibility for anything -- not even their children!



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