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August 18, 2022

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A. BinghamJuly 2, 2019

Elder Patrick Kearon's recent piece "Of Rights and Responsibilities: The Social Ecosystem of Religious Freedom" given at the Religious Freedom Annual Review" provides additional insights on key ingredients of a properly functioning pluralistic society. The rule of law is especially critical when people fail to take responsibility to ensure their own rights AND also HEED the rights of others. We live in such a society today.

MaryannJune 30, 2019

I am sick to death of the obsessive saturation in our country over the issues of LGBTQXYZ "rights." Is is really about "rights?" The real issue is that there are some who are issuing demands that attempt to force my acceptance of a sinful lifestyle. If we do not accept, and even support, the immorality of practicing homosexuality, the next step is to try and shame us. If someone won't bake your wedding cake, there are plenty of other bakers who will. Get over it.

JaneJune 30, 2019

Are we going to try to build Zion without making room for our LGBT brothers and sisters? I don't think we can. It seems to me that there needs to be a little more humility on both sides of this issue, and more willing to see other perspectives. The article sort of approached this, but not really. Being part of a society which seeks the inclusion and well-being of all of us makes it imperative that we begin to see that our gay brothers and sisters who desire marriage and family are just simply being human, and that these desires are honorable. To my mind, there are plenty of reasons (and benefits) to make room for them and their families in our public life. You don't have to agree with gay marriage to simply treat them with respect, and make sure that they not be discriminated against.

Bob PowelsonJune 25, 2019

Colin is right on. Religious tights come first.

Mike DenosJune 25, 2019

Thank you for the article from United Families. I know this organization has been working to strengthen families for several decades and as such is labeled by many and has seen pushback. This call to awareness and lovingly speaking out is needed for all faith groups. The family must remain the core of humanity. Our Heavenly Father expects us to be a vanguard.

Phillip C. SmithJune 25, 2019

A wise and thoughtful piece. Thank you

ColinJune 25, 2019

OK, you've identified the "elephant in the room". A situation that is obvious to almost any thinking individual. I expected to see a thought or suggestion to address the "elephant" but was disappointed. I'm looking for answers as well but found none here. Therefore, I offer this. The 1st amendment to the US Constitution guarantees the free exercise of religion in that the congress (and I believe it infers that no lesser state or federal body) “shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”. It is my reasoned conclusion that the issues in the first amendment were so fundamental to a free people and to the authors of the Constitution that it was the first principle that they could all agree on. For that reason it is found first. The present social clamor for the “rights” of the LGBTQ community are subordinate to the principles authored by our founders. The United States is a democratic republic. This means that the majority of opinion have control over the government and its laws but cannot violate the inalienable rights of the individual as expressed in the Constitution. Freedom of religion is an inalienable right. Sexual mores or inclinations are not. No person would advocate that the LGBTQ community not have a right to have a cake or flower arrangement to celebrate their events. There are others that will offer them. It does mean that those with deeply held religious values cannot be FORCED to share their talents or participate in any way with an activity that violates their conscience or religious values to provide such a service. To pass, or attempt to enforce, such a law directly contradicts the Prime Directive (US Constitution, 1st Amendment). There. I’ve just slain the elephant. Will some else please remove the carcass from the room.



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