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May 11, 2021

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Herman the GermanJune 25, 2019

My son was 5 and 1/2 when he came in with a piece of paper covered with scrawls. "What's this?" "A birthday card for Jesus." Suddenly the scrawls changed into stick figures, and I was what he was trying to depict. In the first panel were Mary and Joseph and the animals kneeling before the manger. In the second panel was the tomb, with a rock rolled in front of it. In the third panel was the tomb with the rock rolled away. He had the life of Christ on a piece of paper. Then a gentle voice said, "For me? Why, thank you!" It was impressed on me that if He sees every sparrow that falls, then he appreciates a little boy drawing him a birthday card. I looked at the paper later, and all I could see were scrawls.

Gary S EdmondsJune 24, 2019

My teenage son was awakened one night by a bright light in his room. He saw a beautiful figure standing by his bed who said nothing but showed him the prints of the nails in his hands. Our son took his hand and felt the warmth, but the figure then left him.

Joseph A OttJune 22, 2019

My 6 year old daughter saw Jesus at the door of her closet in the night time. She described what he looked like: A big man with a white robe and had lots of lights around him. She could not relay what He talked to her about, but it was like just something that seemed perfectly normal. She knew that it was Jesus.

Debra McCrackenJune 22, 2019

I sit here a week after a car accident with a cast and oxygen trying to be positive about my own small miseries. this really touched me!

LisaJune 20, 2019

Absolutely wonderful. My day has been changed.

SandyJune 20, 2019

I loved reading this. It is such a faith booster!!!



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