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October 26, 2021

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NicoleJune 14, 2019

Thank you for the article. Thinking of my own farther and his bad choices that affected my mother, five siblings and me and his own excommunication twice from our faith, who is now an endowed member. I find it’s still difficult to believe my father and even believe his worthiness because we have been lied to so much in our lives. There was never an apology to my mother who he was unfaithful to or my siblings and me and that’s where I have a hard time overcoming feelings I know I should let go. I love my dad and I felt like I have forgiven him but it’s clear as I’m writing this I still have forgiveness to give and this article helped me look deeper into what I need to be doing. Thanks again

MeganJune 13, 2019

As someone with a difficult father-daughter relationship, I can attest that forgiveness is real, but it can take many years, perhaps even a lifetime. Boundaries are essential as we work toward reconciliation. As long as we are earnestly striving to have a soft heart, we need not feel guilty if the process of forgiveness takes time.

HalJune 13, 2019

Thank you for this article. While in my early teens, my own father left my mother to marry a woman many years his junior. To add insult to injury, he moved out of our house on Christmas Eve. I was angry because I struggled during my teenage years and desperately needed my father in my life. That said, I maintained an uneasy relationship with him and I was finally able to forgive and reconcile with him while in my early twenties. I am grateful for the law of forgiveness because it took away the rancor and hurt in my heart. My father an I enjoyed a good relationship until he passed away. Knowing what I know now, I would have regretted not having forgiven my father because I would have lost out on all the wonderful times we had in the ensuing years. I now have an adult son who severed our relationship over ten years ago as a result of a silly argument. I have repeatedly apologized and reached out to him but - so far - to no avail. I long for the day when we, too, can be reconciled and perhaps rebuild the loving relationship we once had just as I did with my father.



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