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September 18, 2021

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Lincoln HydeJune 5, 2019

Excellent. As Scoutmaster, my place in the hike was last - exactly for the reasons described (not including enemy attacks).

Kay RookhuyzenJune 5, 2019

Another lesson well told! I love your articles!!

Rita MillerJune 5, 2019

What a hope-filled way of looking at our jobs here in mortality. Our dispensation is the last one--the last wagon. Our job is to make sure everyone reaches Home, picking up the stragglers, encouraging the weak and weary, watching for attacks and fending them off so the rest of the 'train' can continue. Most of what we do is one-on-one, quietly done, and unheralded by a dismissive world that refuses to see the good. But we, everyone of us, are important to the work. Our Wagon Master is still leading the way, sending us help and provisions, and encouraging us to hold on, that the end is not far away and we'll be there before we know it.

Judi GedckeJune 5, 2019

I've always loved this story, first given by President J. Reuben Clark, Jr., first given at a 1947 General Conference address titled "To Them Of The Last Wagon." I think a reference to his article would be in order. There is a small book published with that title as well.

LexaGraemeJune 5, 2019

Oh, this is good. Thank you for writing this, and giving me something to chew on. I’m absolutely the Last Wagon in many situations; reading this and remembering it can help. Thank you.

Charles NickelJune 5, 2019

J. Reuben Clarke, Jr. wrote a book with the title "To Them of the Last Wagon," following the same explanations your father gave. Your father may have been familiar with the book. Whether he was or not, he gave excellent perspective on your role, and one we can emulate under similar circumstances.



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