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May 26, 2020

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LizaMay 27, 2019

I’ve watched Aladdin twice now, both times in the Imax and it was a visual treat. I don’t understand the bad reviews when this version is far superior to the original. I am glad for the Bollywood feel, the multicultural cast and the visual effects. My only complaint is that all these musicals use overuse auto tune. Will smith’s Genie was a nice surprise and very enjoyable.

Kathleen CurtisMay 24, 2019

Why be such a naysayer?? Aladdin was absolutely delightful if just a little overly loud in our theater. Yes-we enjoyed the1992 version- this is simply a different experience and doesn’t need to be compared with the animated version. Will Smith is terrific in his role! Mena M did a great job in singing - it’s not opera and his light touch made him in his role even more believable. Whether we needed a new “girl-power” ballad or not, Speechless is going to be the new Frozen song-of-the-year. Well sung. Moral lessons? Enjoy the movie and DISCUSS the moral dilemmas at home!!



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