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June 29, 2022

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Karen SmithsonMay 15, 2019

What resounding TRUTH! It has made my heart sing with joy. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Pat ProffitMay 11, 2019

That is the most amazing insight and advice that I've read in a long time. I'll forward on to my 8 daughters and daughters-in-law and my 2 grand daughters who just became mothers!! I love being a mother with its immediate reward, problems, sorrows, and also the long-range rewards that are "opening the windows of heaven and pouring out more blessings than I can contain"

Ralph C HancockMay 11, 2019

Maurine Proctor, exemplary mother, Latter-day Saint, and editor of the great force for good, Meridian Magazine, here blesses us with a beautiful and powerful tribute to motherhood, the kind that could only be expressed in a true mother's voice, and that of a mother of mothers. Anyone seeking an answer to the question of the meaning of life should pause long and reverently on Maurine's words. Now, being a father has a fair amount of beauty and hardship in common with being a mother -- but c'mon now, we men are mostly skipping over the surface of things without our connection with womanhood and motherhood. There is nothing more important we can do as husbands and fathers than to support mothering, and to learn from wives and mothers about what it all means. We provide, we care, we help to nurture, hopefully we provide structure and needed authority, but the depths of care and love we must learn through our wife and and the mother of our children. (Only then do we begin to appreciate our own mothers.) And being a grandfather is wonderful, but the sweetest part is surely being married to a grandmother who is filled with love and dedicated wisdom. Maurine won't mind, I'm sure, if I dedicate this post to my Julie, who has taught me for 43+ years what love and bravery and resilience really are.

DJMay 11, 2019

Lovely article, even re-sharing one of your stories from No Success Can Compensate for CHILDREN in the Homes. Now my girls are mothers, I've tried to find your little booklet to purchase and share with them, but can't find it online. Have you thought about reprinting it? (I'm not ready to part with my copy yet ;-) ! ).

M NashMay 10, 2019

Great read!

Denise ChristensenMay 10, 2019

Maurine...such a beautiful article! What a great Mother’s Day tribute!

Joy LundbergMay 10, 2019

Great article, so much wisdom. What a beautiful baby boy! So adorable. I love the mural. So peaceful and inviting. Not only are you a brave mama, but you are a talented one as well. I love the mural! He's going to want to climb those mountains.What a blessed baby to have you for his mama.

JMay 10, 2019

I love the sweet message and the video, thanks for sharing

Linda Starr WinansMay 10, 2019

MARVELOUS!!!.....Especially in light of the fact that we wished Mariah well when she was in the delivery room. ( A group of us were traveling on the bus through Israel with the Proctors at the time.) What tender thoughts, Maurine. What a profound thought: "Forget any idea that motherhood is an invitation to be somebody else besides who you are and that your highest goal is to completely erase yourself in sacrifice." So many blessings to count and be grateful for. I loved the mural, too. Thanks for sharing! God bless all!

Leilani CookMay 10, 2019

Beautiful words, stunning mural, and a baby's face that melts the heart. Thank you for this amazing article. Thank you for being a brave mama. And, thank you for sharing your delicious Benjamin with us.

PattyMay 10, 2019


EmilieMay 10, 2019

Beautiful! Happy Mother's Day!



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