February 25, 2021

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VickiMay 7, 2019

Intolerance in the name of Tolerance is wrong. The way to demonstrate tolerance of others whether it is religion, race, ethnicity or political party is to demonstrate respect and allow all people the opportunity to voice their beliefs whether or not we agree. Any American, anywhere is entitled to these rights and should not feel marginalized because they hold a public office. As people we should demonstrate our commitment to this basic value by encouraging all to stand firm for your beliefs. It is when we impose our own definition of Tolerance and Acceptance with very narrow boundaries that we negate the very principle of Tolerance. Those who are critical of the Governors posting as a demonstration of intolerance do not understand the meaning or spirit of the Constitution and should have no credibility with the rest of us.

Christian Vanoi MinerMay 6, 2019

I'm very proud of you, Governor Ducey. You are helping this generation see the importance of religious freedom. We live in a land that is promised freedom. The Lord set apart this place for the free. I am an Arizonan. I voted for you because of this very reason. Thank you for keeping your promises.

Don FreemanMay 6, 2019

Good for you governor!

Bob PowelsonMay 6, 2019

It is long past time when Christians of whatever kind should be hesitant about mentioning their faith and belief.Freedom of Religion, not Freedom from Religion is the test.Any who do not like can simply shut up and go away.

RobertMay 6, 2019

God Bless you, Governor! If more public figures would stand up to this attack Satan is waging on Christians, we would soon see them disappear in the night. Every time a government (local or national) caves in to the left's unreasonable and unconstitutional demands they grow a little stronger. Law suits should not be permitted against clearly detailed Constitutional rights as detailed in the Constitution. Courts should reject them as "having no standing". Freedom of speech and freedom of religion is paramount to the success of any Democracy.



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