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September 26, 2021

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DanielJuly 1, 2019

I'm a little concerned about the second paragraph of this article portraying all husbands having gotten "much their sexual learning [..] from questionable sources like pornography." This seems like a very presumptuous and stereotypical comment, that paints and unhealthy picture of men's sexuality that sows mistrust. How can it be healthy for women to enter into a relationship with this prejudice toward a potential spouse?

RobertMay 2, 2019

Dear anonymous May 2, 2019: Don’t remain anonymous! There are wonderful men’s cancer survivor help groups available. These groups assist and share with attendees in a discreet way how to overcome the loss of what used to be natural pleasurable life before the prostatectomy. I myself underwent the same surgery (prostatectomy) ten years ago last month. Soon after recovery from the operation, my oncologist invited me to an appointment with a representative of ErecAid System, one of several makers of vacuum assist appliances, that with practice and patience, can return much of the pleasure to a man’s sexual experiences with his wife. My wife and I have used this system for nearly ten years. Though not as spontaneous, with patience and practice, you can both yet provide satisfactory and enjoyable memories in your later years.

anonymousMay 2, 2019

After Prostate cancer, my husband is impotent and does not feel the pleasure of sex he once had. I do not know how to give him pleasure since this. After 47 years of marriage, I am insecure about approaching him so I don't. I know this is terrible but somehow I just don't know what to do! It is effecting our relationship due to lack of intimacy. What can I do to help him have a satisfying experience? HELP!!!



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