February 28, 2021

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Chris EpsonMay 9, 2019

Great article. Thank you. If anyone would like to experience the truth of this, you can attend an Addiction Recovery Program 12 step meeting. The steps are considered the workbook of the atonement, and the guiding principle is that we cannot change ourselves...only the Savior can change us. He asks for only two things...a broken heart and a contrite spirit. In other words, give it all to him and then live a life of gratitude by doing our best to follow his commandments, love Him, and love and serve others. There is nothing we can do to cause Him to love us less...He loves us. Period. Life is just easier and much more fulfilling when we just accept it and appreciate it.

J. JamisonApril 30, 2019

I am being slightly facetious when asking this question: Why did I think of the article about the valedictorian reading this? Me: There is a conundrum...On the one hand, then on the other. I was born and raised in Hollywood, an identical twin. My sister loved tea parties and dolls, I was a tomboy. VERY grateful being born when I was (I am 60) - no assumptions made about either of us, as people make today. The question regarding "born like that?" I wouldn't answer, but only say I know many backgrounds that have led to choices on both sides. I love the Family Proclamation because it tells what Heavenly Father wants for His children. I also believe in percentages - not all (100%) relationships will fall into that category. The ONLY problem I had with the valedictorian was the "marriage".

Pam RoderApril 30, 2019

Thank you for writing this much needed article! You managed to say important things that I needed to read/hear (in my brain)! Such a struggle and how did you say it...follow the one who is!.... I can do my best to follow because clearly, we need Him more than every to overcome the darkness that does visit more than I like!Thank you, thank you.

Michael Shea, MDApril 30, 2019

How profoundly I need this! I need to be reminded it daily, maybe more than daily. It’s a very difficult concept to understand and master. There are so many pitfalls, some of which you mentioned. Thank you.

Charles DefranchiApril 30, 2019

Dear Wally, how grateful I am to count you among my friends and be inspire and guided over so many years for such simple and powerful advice. Maybe we all need to come to Christ, but you have been one who, better than most, showed me how to get there. Once again, I will be a better individual for what you wrote in this article. Blessings as you say when ended messages.



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