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July 2, 2022

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Ovala F ToiaivaoMarch 4, 2021

I have thoroughly enjoyed your podcasts and look forward to it every week. Thank you so much for taking the time to prepare and share these with us. I too would love to have a copy of your 43 Faith Scriptures to memorize if it's still available.

Kathryn LeviJune 14, 2019

Please can I get a list of the 43 faith Scriptures Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and the hard work that you put into the podcast - I have enjoyed reading and listening to your wise words of counsel. God Bless you both.

Chrystine H ReynoldsMay 18, 2019

Scot and Maurine - another wonderful lesson. Thank-you so much; and especially - thank-you for that 11 year-old's reply to your question. I can't think of a better answer to that question. Jim and I would also love a copy of your scripture list! Keep up all your great work and stay safe in the Holy Land!

Julie ParkMay 8, 2019

I have emailed requesting the list of scriptures as well and haven't received it yet, love your podcast, have learned so much. Thank you for sharing with us

Julia WoodallMay 5, 2019

I love listening to your podcasts. I learn so much each week that increases my understanding of the weekly lesson. May I please get a list of your Faith scriptures? Thank you.

Susan ThomasMay 5, 2019

I love your podcasts! Can I please get the list of 43 scriptures on faith??

Carolyn ThelerMay 5, 2019

I really enjoy your podcasts - thank you. I would also like the list of 43 Faith scriptures. I would also like the reference for the quote by Brother Matthews and his discussion with Elder McConkie and the correct translation from this quote in your podcast “A more correct translation of this verse is: He that is without THIS sin among you...” Thank you so much.

CathyMay 5, 2019

I hope you are still sharing your list of scriptures to memorize as I would like to add these to my own list also. Thanks

Lindsay KaelbererMay 5, 2019

I am really enjoying your podcasts and the lesson helps for "Come Follow Me!" Thank you for the insights. I would love a list of your 43 Faith scriptures. Thank you!

Kevin MarlerMay 5, 2019

Scot, First off, I enjoy these podcasts as part of my preparation for teaching Gospel Doctrine! I have a question about this statement: I was teaching this story about 7 years ago and we had among our group a family with young children. I asked this question “What was the Savior doing?” to this whole seasoned group of Saints. No one ventured an answer. But, from my right, a young 11-year-old boy, named Jonathan Hyatt, raised his hand. “Yes, Jonathan?” “Wasn’t he saying, “I am He who gave the law. It was my finger that carved the law in the stone tablets on the mount.” I said, “You are exactly right Jonathan!” Again, what an answer! Did he actually write that? is this an undertone? I was always under the impression that he was writing the names of the accused as per tradition.... she being accused without the man...... no man, no witnesses kind of thing..? Thanks!

Doris CrockettMay 4, 2019

Please add me to your list of the 43 scriptures

Angie BlatterMay 3, 2019

Could I still get a copy of the 43 verses to memorize? Thank you. I enjoy your podcasts very much.

LaurenMay 3, 2019

I am trying to find the direct quote and reference from Elder Mckonkie for the part in the podcast about the more correct translation of the verse about sin among you. This quote from your podcast: “A more correct translation of this verse is: He that is without THIS sin among you...” Do you have the reference you could share with me? Thank you so much. I love your podcast and listen every week :)

Linda WelchMay 2, 2019

I too would love a copy of the faith scriptures. I enjoy you podcast. Thank you for your insights.

Beatriz GarciaMay 2, 2019

I would like to have a copy of the 43 verses to memorize.

Wendy SorensenMay 2, 2019

I would love the 43 faith scriptures!

Glen GideonMay 2, 2019

I would love a copy of your list of 43 scriptures. I listen to your podcasts every week I learn so much from them. Thank you

Janet HodnettMay 1, 2019

Could we get a copy of your list? We memorize scriptures as a family. Thank you!

Linda LundbergMay 1, 2019

Love your podcasts. PleSe send me the 43 fairh scriptures.

DebbieMay 1, 2019

We too would love your Faith Scriptures. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

LaRee MadsenApril 30, 2019

Your teachings are inspiring, thank you. Please add me to the list receiving the Faith Scriptures to memorize.

FloApril 30, 2019

Please add me to the list of those who would like the list of scriptures you are sending out.

Margaret StuartApril 30, 2019

would I also be able to get the list of scripture please. I enjoy listening to these podcast, I listen make notes, then go and study them. Thank you for all that you do.

Catlin Solome' BassettApril 30, 2019

Can I get your 43 faith scriptures? I love listening and learning from your words.

Carolyn MietusApril 30, 2019

Somehow I missed the offer of the scriptures to memorize. How can I get them? Thank you so much.

M C DobbsApril 30, 2019

Thank you for sharing these beautiful lessons. I too feel I am no longer studying alone. Each week I look forward to feasting on the word because of the insights you share. I am beginning to find greater meaning in my personal reading time as I see repeated themes you first introduced to me. Please include me in your email of scriptures for memorization. This is my goal for 2019 and I enjoy seeing what others are memorizing.

Rhonda WilliamsApril 30, 2019

May I get a copy of the 43 Faith Scriptures referred to in your podcast?

Win BroadhurstApril 30, 2019

May I also have a copy of your Faith Scriptures please? Thanks so much for all you do!!

Coy JonesApril 29, 2019

May I request a copy of the 43 Faith Scriptures? I enjoy listening to the podcasts. I learn so much. Your comments about the scriptures are inspiring. Thank you for all your hard work.

Anne JefferiesApril 29, 2019

I would like a copy of your list of scriptures. We have listened to each podcast as they come online. We have told our eight children and many others. We have loved Meridian Magazine since it began. Thank you for your many efforts on our behalf. We feel richly blessed by your many efforts.

Wade DoyleApril 29, 2019

We would like the list of scriptures. We are really enjoying your podcasts! We tell everyone about them!

Gail ReinhardtApril 28, 2019

We too would love to have a copy of your list of 43 Faith Scriptures to memorize if it is not too late. We love your podcasts.

Krystal BoyackApril 28, 2019

Powerful insights. You teach me so much!!! I would dearly appreciate your list of 43 scriptures. Thank you so much.

The HuntsApril 28, 2019

We would love to have a copy of your list of 43 Faith Scriptures to memorize if it is not too late to request one. We love your podcasts!



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