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December 6, 2022
December 6, 2022

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Helen OlstenApril 29, 2019

I always enjoy “the small and simple things” ideas as well as letting someone know they have been appreciated. It seems to me many people wait for the “eulogy” before appreciation is expressed.

KathleenApril 27, 2019

Through my tears I say thank you for being a true teacher. "To teach is to touch a life forever."

K. Chin, Modesto, CAApril 27, 2019

Teachers have SO many pressures to comply with administrative dictates—and I’m not criticizing these dictates. I don’t believe very many teachers choose this profession because they dream of fulfilling administrative paperwork requirements. No, it has been my experience that teachers choose their profession more as a calling—hoping to make a difference in the lives of their students. Your article should give hope to teachers feeling overwhelmed—even bogged down—that they make a HUGE difference in the lives of some students. Also, as all of us have been students, your article is a great reminder of the importance to COMMUNICATE our thanks to those who have helped us on our life’s path.

Carolyn BarnardApril 26, 2019

Brother Howard, your articles are always inspiring. Thank you.

Gary HansenApril 24, 2019

Very nice story of a teacher going above and beyond and changing the life of a student. Very simple and yet effective because of his sincerity. He was probably prompted to do what he did by the Holy Spirit.

McClellan RobinApril 24, 2019

One of my favorite sayings came to mind as I read this. People don’t care how much you know till they know how much you care. Brother Howard you are a true disciple leader.



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