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June 1, 2020

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MaryannApril 20, 2020

Most of us will never have the opportunity to see these sacred places in person. Thank you so much for these beautiful photographs and the inscriptions!

EvelynApril 12, 2020

Wow!!!! thank you again for let us make this journey through these sacred places. I am amazed of the love of my Savior. God bless you both for sharing this images and inspiring words that only confirms our testimonies.

JudyApril 12, 2020

This is so beautiful. Is it possible that this is availableas as a book? I would love to have this in my home to read again and again, and to give to family members.

Blake GarsideApril 10, 2020

Thank you so much Scot and Maurine for bringing back so many memories for me during my visit to this sacred place. The ancient Olive Trees with their twisted trunks were so symbolic of that never to be forgotten experience the Savior must have felt. Your careful and inspiring words brought depth and meaning to this most Holiest of Weekends. Thank you again !!

CarolynApril 10, 2020

President Harold B. Lee proclaimed that the Garden Tomb is indeed the tomb from which our Lord was resurrected

Claudia Henderson SmithApril 10, 2020

Scot, your photos tell such a beautiful story. I’m always amazed at how beautifully you frame each shot. With Maurine’s writing, this is a wonderful way to tell the Easter story. I was taken back to 1963 when I was there, and it was a great reminder of my trip to the Holy Land so many years ago. Thanks to you both for sharing your talents with everyone at this special time of the year.

SusanFebruary 3, 2017

Your photo essay, "Christ the Lord is risen today!' would make a beautiful dvd to be viewed each year at Easter. You quoted many hymns. They could be played along with your spoken text. Thank you for your inspirational photographs. Please consider offering a dvd for purchase. Thank you!

DaLane MillerMarch 28, 2016

Just breathtaking!! Makes us reevaluate what our Savior has done for each one of. Very, very touching.

Glen M. DanielsenMarch 28, 2016

My gosh, 'stunning' is right! Thank you Scot & Maurine for doing this! The narratives were just as beautiful as the images! Great blessings to you,

AnnMarch 26, 2016

Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much.

ScottMarch 26, 2016

I've been there. Your pictures and narration are exceptionally beautiful, inspired and inspiring.

LMarch 25, 2016

This was very moving. Thank you so much.

KathrynMarch 25, 2016

I immediately felt the Spirit upon opening this beautiful essay. Thank you for the pictures and text. I shared it across several platforms.

RosemaryMarch 25, 2016

What a special gift this beautiful photo essay was for me at this particularly challenging time of my life. The spirit touched me deeply.

Vickie (Phelps) WestMarch 25, 2016

As always, Scot & Maurine (Jensen) Proctor's work is illuminating & inspiring!!

BrettMarch 25, 2016

This is just awesome! The pictures make it real, which it is. Thanks for sharing.

BrettMarch 25, 2016

This is just awesome! The pictures make it real, which it is. Thanks.

BillMarch 25, 2016

Thanks for a wonderful photo essay of the death of the Saviour and his resurrection--I was touched deeply by the spirit



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