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July 10, 2020

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MaryannApril 16, 2019

It is made very clear in the temple that the promises made are conditional upon obedience and ongoing repentance. While it is true that the Savior and our Heavenly Father never give up on us, there are no promises that all of our straying children will receive the blessings of the Celestial Kingdom. That is predicated upon worthiness. Receiving an inheritance in the Celestial Kingdom is not just getting to a place. It is received by becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ--it is BEING a faithful person. It is interesting to note that we have been cautioned about making promises at funerals about what kingdom the deceased is qualified for. Only God can judge and make that determination, based on each individual, how much they understood in this life, and whether they were as faithful as they could be in their circumstances. As members of Christ's church, we should never give up hope, and continue to pray for and lovingly nourish those who have wandered away from the gospel and the church.

Mike BringhurstApril 15, 2019

One of the reasons this gives me so much hope and comfort is that not only do my wife and I have some children that we are so concerned about in this regard, but also because I feel like I myself am a wayward child in so many ways. I am very sure that my parents, who are now in the 'world of spirits', find great comfort in this message as well.

DL AndersonApril 15, 2019

It is good to know (or remember?) that "salvation" means one of the 3 degrees of glory and not just the Celestial Kingdom. I'm not sure I saw it mentioned in the article, that is only why I mention it here. Regardless of that, it's good to know that we have those wonderful bonds to look forward to. I have no children, but experienced the reverse - saving my parents! However, I just did the ordinances. I'm sure both sets of parents continued to love and minister to their childrent when they arrived in the Post-Mortal realm. We're never alone in the work - regardless of how the adversary may make us feel.



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