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September 29, 2022

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Charles DefranchiApril 8, 2019

There is indeed a great need for courageous Latter-Day Saints being affected by same-sex attraction, who can testify that they can abide by gospel principles regardless. At any rate, whether gay or straight, we are all subject to temptation, especially when being single, or in a difficult marriage. The solution is always to lean on the Lord, trusting that great blessings await the faithful, here and in the here-after.

LaurieApril 5, 2019

I think the “hope” is that Heavenly Father’s plan of salvation, to ultimately bring all his children who desire to be in his presence, will be a reality in their own life. That through the atonement of Jesus Christ, a way will be provided for all who follow Christ to receive the greatest blessings promised. When I hear stories from LGBT members, they don’t know what this path looks like. While some may hope for an acceptance of the lifestyle, that is often not what I personally hear about. From what I read and hear, it is variable for each person.Some, it appears, can have a lessening of their attractions, others find that they can find happiness in a traditional marriage, others find that while nothing physically changes, they feel the grace of God sustaining them from day to day, with the support of compassionate members who love and honor them as children of God. It is certainly a walk of faith as the path is not clear for anyone. However, I think the overarching principle is that a loving Heavenly Father, with his perfect combination of justice and mercy, can guide each child home. This is where faith in Jesus Christ, hope that we might be like Him, and being filled with charity (His pure love) come in for all of us.



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