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June 23, 2021

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Herm OlsenApril 3, 2019

America is gloriously conflicted. It is like most of us. Our country is flawed, is split between the evils and angels of reality - and yet it is, after all, still a beacon of hope that we can do better, can be better than we have been in the past. We recognize that we stole land from the Indians, enslaved Negroes, oppressed women and persecuted Catholics, Mormons and Jews. We shouldn't minimize those national sins. But we can rise to the better angels of our souls by rejecting the hatred spewed by our current leader(s), and choosing bridges over walls.

Roberta PetersonApril 3, 2019

Another great, great article, Proctors. Thank you!!

Mike GriffithApril 3, 2019

It is becoming a common talking point among growing numbers of liberal Democrats that America has never really been great, that America's founding was dishonorable, that our history is largely shameful, etc., etc. This increasingly negative view of America's founding and history comes as many liberal Democrats are also becoming severely critical of Israel, to the point of advocating that companies and nations boycott Israeli products and avoid doing business in Israel. Equally disturbing is the fact that liberal Democrats are becoming increasingly overtly hostile to religious freedom and to faith in general, as Meridian Magazine has documented over the last two years.

Charles DefranchiApril 3, 2019

Not earlier than yesterday, one of our Interns with Japanese-American Grandparents, who were help up in California camps during WWII, told me that they never complained about the unfairness with which they were being treated. Instead, they remained grateful for America and the good it brought into their lives. When he was Attorney General, Eric Holder told State Attorneys that they were not obligated to defend laws in their states that banned same-sex marriage. That's the kind of corrupt politician who will someday cause the Constitution to hang by a thread, as prophesied by the Prophet Joseph Smith.



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