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April 4, 2020

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DJCMay 17, 2019

Vickie, your comment is pretty insensitive since this is an article about infertility. I'm happy for you that you could bring babies into the world so easily, but this article is for those of us who CAN'T. Hearing your story does nothing positive for those going through infertility.

vickie gaspard cloudApril 1, 2019

I never had to go through infertility. my mother put me on birth control pills a month before I got married I think anyway as far as time frame goes. after 2 months of marriage for some reason I felt I was wanting to have a baby. I was still on birth control pills and in our 3rd month of marriage...I forgot to take one pill after my monthly visitor, and bang I was pregnant. I was sick for half the pregnancy. this was to be my only girl....she was the oldest. then over time I had feelings it was time and sure enough I got pregnant and had 4 boys...I didn't have my children close together of the times I had waited almost 5yrs and I found out I had endometriosis and was told I wouldn't have any more children if I didn't start up again. they told me I would be lucky to even get pregnant. I prayed about it and I felt the need to get pregnant. I saw the dr and abt 3wks later I discovered I was pregnant. wow that shocked me. it was as if Heavenly Father was saying, hey you better get busy there is a young son waiting to come to earth and its now he wants to come. well, he couldn't wait to be born, he was born early a month early. he was due feb 28th and born jan 30th..he was still large for a premie 6lbs6ozes and 21inches long so he looked skinny. but this young baby grew up to be a very tall man and I can see God's purpose for him to be here. when we have these feelings I don't know exactly where it comes from either the HOly Spirit or the Spirit of the Child or God letting us know its time.

Linda McFateApril 1, 2019

I just turned 60, but many years ago my husband and I experienced the anguish of infertility. I never did give birth, but I have 2 very dear adopted daughters. And the oldest is expecting our grandson in July! I’m very much at peace with how my life has gone. Infertility wasn’t the only trial - this mortal life is full of difficult learning experiences. But I have learned how much God loves me.

Debbie Lee SpeedyApril 1, 2019

I was married in 1979. And adopted my first son in 1992,as a newborn. I went thru years of IVF and waiting and praying. Thank you for vocalizing your heart aches. It is a very hard trial and I constantly had to remind myself I was NOT alone. God when I was down gave me many tender mercies! I adopted 2 infants and they look just like my spouse and I. God answers prayers and no your answer may not be pregnancy but it is something I believe Taylor’s just for you. Demonstrate prayer, faith & persistence and your answer will come. I went thru 12 years and mine came... so will yours. One thing to consider your time table is in God’s time not yours.❤️

Kristal NorrisApril 1, 2019

So beautiful! As a family struggling with infertility I feel every word of this story. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for writing this.



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