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May 23, 2024

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FrustratedMarch 30, 2019

Mary Lou is completely correct. We need to insist on our freedoms or we will lose them. Will this FFF group (I give them “F’s” on Constitution knowledge) insist that Muslims remove their head covering because it’s a religious symbol?! Of course not—because they are too afraid of political correctness! But they walk all over Christians and we let them. If the entire school stood up for freedom OF religion and refused to accept these bullies’ demands, we might succeed in saving our country and our freedoms of speech and religion.

Mary LouMarch 29, 2019

If one were to read the Constitution, it states that we have freedom OF religion; not freedom FROM religion. We need to stand up to this nonsense. It's the way of the adversary (Satan) that they are following; not God's way. Heavenly Father is at the helm. So don't give up fighting for our God given freedoms! We can do this!



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