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May 16, 2021

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HalMarch 25, 2019

It seems like this article is cut short and I can't find anywhere to expand it to read the entire article. Nice teaser :) Can I read the rest of it? That said, I am a firm believer in our continued life after mortality. I've not had a near-death experience, but I have felt the presence of deceased loved ones so powerfully that I felt I could reach out and touch them. For example, I felt my deceased mother's presence when my youngest son was born (she died 5 months before his birth). There have been several other times when I felt the presence - and even the protection of - unseen beings from beyond the veil that separates mortals from immortals. I look forward to a grand reunion when I make that transition myself.

Sue MaxwellMarch 25, 2019

I have a great book on NDE"S I happen to know one person in it, although his name isn't mentioned in that book. Not only did he go into the spirit world, but, also had a sacred experience in the hospital.

MaryannMarch 25, 2019

I highly recommend Dr. Raymond Moodie's books: Life After Life and also Reflections on Life After Life. As a physician he repeatedly heard patients tell him of their near death experience. This happened so often that he began to record the experiences of many of them. Their accounts were so similar that it was difficult not to take them seriously. Whenever he was asked to speak to a group, afterwards someone in the audience would come up to him and relate that they, too, had experienced a NDE, but were hesitant to talk about it. Many people keep these things to themselves because they don't think they will be taken seriously. I have also read accounts in other books that are very supportive of gospel truths, but some "experiences" are obviously false. It is necessary to sift through the wheat and blow away the chaff, and knowing the gospel can help us determine whether an account is accurate or just someone trying to make a fast buck. While some of the experiences are very inspiring, I was concerned about those who seem to be giving a message that all will be well with everyone in the end no matter what choices they make.



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