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May 15, 2021

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Ilene ShipmanMarch 28, 2019

Please let us know how to donate to help the youth go to the temple. Such a blessing for us to do that!

PennyMarch 23, 2019

His sister is in my ward. She is a highly educated, high energy powerhouse. I've never met anyone else like her.

Sister Teresa MartinMarch 22, 2019

Is it possible to donate funds for the youth?

Tim JohnsonMarch 22, 2019

Faleminderit për punën tuaj të vazhdueshëm, Presidenti!!! Isha misionar per vetëm dy vjet, gati 15 më parë, por ndihem si anëtarë i kunjit tuaj është sot. Jam mirenjohes ndaj Zotit për mudësinë që kisha të shërbej në atdheun tuaj, por edhe më shumë se kisha e Zotit në Shqiperi ka udhëheqës të mrekullueshëm si ju!

Glen D and Virginia StaceyMarch 22, 2019

Medlir came to Albania to be the CES representative for the Church when we were on a mission there. We were serving the YSA and opened up a new Center during that time. It was fun to get to know Medlir and his family. They have been a great asset to the Church in Albania. We are grateful for the time we were able to serve there and excited to see how the Church is growing.

Norikson PicakuMarch 22, 2019

This deserves a place in the 12 apostles It is one of the best Presidents And it has sacrificed a lot for us

Lawrence BarryMarch 22, 2019

Is there a way we can donate money for the youth temple trip?

karell BinghamMarch 22, 2019

Just look at the light shine from their faces. They know!

RuthMarch 22, 2019

A missionary from our ward is serving in Albania. How wonderful to hear that the Church has strong members there! The Rome temple will be a great blessing to them.



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