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August 9, 2022

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GrandpaMarch 26, 2019

I'm grateful this advise would work even if you reversed the genders of the couple being discussed here. Because we men have to lower our expectations, too.

HelenMarch 22, 2019

Thank you. I don't know if my ex-member, RM husband's capacity for recreation is an addiction or just normal behavior for one who believes this life is all there is but I do know adjusting my expectations has been a roller coaster. We're finally coming back around to being joyful together as opposed to just together. I wasn't sure we would survive my daughter's passing last year (we have no biological children together) but we have. Recovering from my grief actually helped us dig into our relationship.

Alexander ForsythMarch 22, 2019

As I have pointed out before, when it comes to marriage difficulties discussed in these articles, it seems that husbands are featured in a disproportionate manner: Husbands are to blame; wives are the "better half"!



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