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February 22, 2024

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Leonardo DiciollaMarch 27, 2019

Giancarlo has always been among the brightest beacons in Italy. I had the fortune to be acquainted with him for a long time. Always working for good, always seeking and working for peace in any context he may be in. His humility is as deep as his very remarkable understanding. A true Latter-Day-Saint and Lord's disciple.

Dwight WilliamsMarch 22, 2019

Giacarlo Dicarolo is a remarkable Latter-Day Saint. He was my mission secretary and was instrumental in arranging for much positive publicity for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Rome, including hours of a national television broadcase originating from BYU and showing Salt Lake City and much excellent coverage about the Church. The story does not mention that President Dicarolo had earned a Doctorate degree before serving his mission in Rome. He was a devoted and successful missionary and taught the Gospel to many, including some highly educated Italians.

Harold RustMarch 22, 2019

Behind every one of these uplifting stories of faith are two "extra" elements: First, that blessings which come from faith have to be appreciated from an eternal standpoint in order to be fully recognized (i.e., not all blessings appear as an easily recognized blessing) and faith does not eradicate all discouraging events nor eliminate all trials (i.e., to an outsider, that person may seem to have not really been blessed). In a sense, it takes faith to recognize and appreciate the blessings of faith. I lived in Italy 18 months and know that beneath the surface of this uplifting story are many, many more trials for those good saints in this stake president's stake.

Barb McDonoughMarch 22, 2019

While reading this article I was once again reminded that the Lord doth provide especially for his righteous children. He knows each and everyone of his children on a one on one basis.



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