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November 27, 2022

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Steve FairbanksJuly 26, 2020

How I love President and Sister Conforte. Reading this article over a year later is bringing tears to my eyes. I served with the Confortes as a missionary in Catania from 87-89. The love that I felt from President Conforte each time I met with him was profound and life changing for me. It taught me true Christlike love.

Bryan HurtadoMay 28, 2019

Pres Conforte used to call me "Super Uomo", Superman, every time we met. I love him. He's the kind that recharges your batteries with just a word, a touch or a gesture. He's no pushover, he's a tough guy. There's a reason he was a career military leader. Used to say that the United States was strong because it was "united", and that we can learn a lesson from that. I served with him in the Padova mission in the cities of Ancona, La Spezia, Livorno, Forli, Rimini and Pesaro 90-91. He and Sister Conforte are among those people with some of the strongest testimonies I've ever known. Italians have had so much adversity, it's hard to believe what it takes to join the church there. So proud of them for getting a temple. Well deserved! Tanti auguri a voi!

Philip BakerMay 17, 2019

PS my friend John Grinceri was with Elder Benson and other Church leaders when Italy was re-dedicated . John & Vicki attended the Rome Temple dedication with their son Joel and our daughter Stacey, who have been married 21 years :)

Philip BakerMay 17, 2019

one of my very best friends in Perth Western Australia is John Grinceri - John served a mission in Italy as a 19 year old then was called to open the Padova Mission near Venice . 10 years later as a 29 year old with wife Vicki and toddler children, they served for 3 years then coming home to later serve as a Bishop, then AA/70 then Perth Temple President and now a Patriarch. He still plays a good game of tennis with me and other friends every Friday morning :) The family remain great Kingdom builders and wonderful Saints. PHIL BAKER

Paul RobertsonMarch 22, 2019

This good man, a brother and friend, his wife Carolina and their children have been a tender part of my life, since standing with them in white (5 missionaries baptized the 5 of them - Paulo was not yet born) Christmas day 1974.. Afterward and until I left Foggia, my companion and I would stop, it seems every evening, at their home at the end of the day. Sister Conforte would feed us something light and we would sit at a small table in the tiny kitchen speaking of a doctrine or gospel topic. Last year, my wife and I were welcomed to their home and we sat and laughed and cried as we spoke of the past. There is much love and some of heaven in those kind yes.

bluewaterMarch 21, 2019

So wonderful to learn about this Pioneer. Thank you

Raffaella ValentiniMarch 21, 2019

Il presidente conforte è mio padre, fratello Valentini, sono stati il cuore pulsante della missione di Catania, e del palo di Puglia. erano una squadra fantastica, e il loro spirito ha cambiato la vita di tanti giovani e di tanti missionari. Con loro si combatteva sempre dalla parte del Signore. Grata di essere cresciuta, influenzata da loro.

Louis MendittoMarch 20, 2019

I was in one of the first group of missionaries to be called to the new Catania Mission in September of 1977. The President of the Rome Mission, Leopoldo Larcher was sent to Catania to open it. He was succeeded by Lino P. Gambarotto from Argentina. I served under both Presidents. I believe Brother Conforte was President of the Foggia Branch at the time. You may want to fact check the article. Great people. PS. Sister Comforte makes delicious homemade gnocchi!

Chris C.March 20, 2019

It’s a thrill to read this story about President Conforte! I served under his leadership in the Catania mission where he instilled in me by his example an unwavering love of Jesus Christ and the love of all of God’s children. He and his wife were and continue to be a huge influence for good in my life and the lives of countless others. Thank You!

Daniel YoungMarch 19, 2019

I served as a missionary under Presidente Conforte from 1990-1992. This story brought back a flood of emotions and feelings. His testimony of Christ is amazing. He loves the Lord and he has shown this love through many decades of love and service to Him and to his fellow man. I can’t wait to see the temple in Rome. The Italian people are beautiful!

Stephen StewartMarch 19, 2019

I was with the group of missionaries who entered Italy in early 1965. We had all learned Italian in our German speaking missions (South German, Austria, and the Swiss Mission). We transferred to the Swiss Mission, those of us who were not already serving there, and were sent into Italy on student visas! President Ezra Taft Benson had received an unofficial permission fo us to go to Italy! My love for Italy and Italians has only strengthened over the more than half century since then. I am so excited for Italy to have their first Temple. We saw it while under construction and will visit Rome this April again! These are great times in which we live.

Patricia and Ron RollinsMarch 19, 2019

My husband, Ron and I had the opportunity of serving with Pres. Conforte and his wonderful wife,Caroline at the Swiss Temple. What a privilege this was for us. We eagerly looked forward to the weeks that the Italian Saints would come to do work at the temple. The Conforte's brought a spirit that was so strong. Their love for all of us was so evident. Their love for the Savior and the work at hand was never in doubt. Thank you for publishing this article. We love you Pres. and your wife, and pray that the Lord will continue to bless you and your family.

VictoriaMarch 19, 2019

I am so grateful for this man and his family. Beautiful!

KeithMarch 19, 2019

I served my mission in Italy in the mid 1990's and had the honor of being in Presidente Conforte's home several times at the end of my mission. I love him and his family and am in awe of his testimony and dedication to the gospel and the building of the kingdom in Italy. I heard his and his wife's conversion story (her story is just as powerful) and felt like I was standing on holy ground.

Tracey GrowMarch 19, 2019

Lovely, inspiring story. Thank you for sharing it.

PennieMarch 19, 2019

May I also ask us to remember, thank and pray for the missionaries who taught these wonderful people but have not stayed faithful. I am thinking of one in particular who served in Rome the same years as this fine brother was being taught but who has since been excommunicated twice. Let us seek these lost sheep and hold them tightly. It s now their families who are seeking help.

GhMarch 19, 2019

Many years ago I had an opportunity to contribute financially to a missionary who served in Italy. I am so grateful I did so. I feel a special bond with these people and rejoice in their temple. I wish I could have been there but feel very fortunate to read their stories. Thank you for sharing them.

Joel ColeMarch 19, 2019

One of the best people i ever met in my life... An example of humility and faith!

Peggy D KayneMarch 19, 2019

I loved this story and wish I had met him back in 1970 -72 when I was a missionary in the Rome mission. It brought back the wonderful generosity of so many Italian people and how they struggled to live the gospel. Who of those dear souls from Taranto were around to assist him years later when Fratello Conforte became mission President of the Catania mission. Io che mio Signore vive!

TerryMarch 19, 2019

My deceased former husband served as a missionary in Italy from 1974 to 1976. His life was not a happy one. We discovered after his death he had been mentally ill. But he loved Italy and I hope is rejoicing with those he taught.

Dwight WilliamsMarch 19, 2019

President Conforte is the real deal. He is a Saint in every sense of the word, with a huge capacity to love. Sister Conforte is also a Saint. Vincenzo retired early to devote his full time to service in the Church. He was my counselor and was always spot on with inspired advice. It is a privilege to know the Confortes and many of the great members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Italy. They earned this magnificent temple through decades of faith and good works.

Allison Troe EllsworthMarch 19, 2019

Vincenzo Conforte was my first mission president when I arrived in the Italy, Catania mission in May 1989. I was a new convert and the only member of the church in my family. I had little support from my family, which was emotionally very difficult. I remember well the first time I saw President Conforte. He greeted us at the Catania airport, and I immediately felt his great love for his missionaries. President Conforte and his dear wife, Carolina, loved me, guided me, and supported me during their last two months serving as mission president in the Catania mission. At the end of their mission, they returned home to Foggia, which was at the northern end of the Catania mission boundaries. I was serving in Foggia, and was blessed to serve for three months in the Foggia branch where the Confortes lived. The members of the branch were thrilled to have the Conforte family back with them. I visited their wonderful home on a few occasions and always knew that I was in the presence of very special people. Thirty years later, I still hold President Conforte and his beautiful wife and family in my heart. I consider it a great blessing and honor to have served with and known the Conforte family.

Kit KanekoaMarch 19, 2019

I had the great opportunity to serve under President Confirte. He is such a wonderful man and taught me how to love and serve our sisters and brothers.

Barbara WhiteMarch 19, 2019

Thank you for printing this wonderful story of conversion and the love of the Lord.

Howard AndersonMarch 19, 2019

Your article captured the very essence of Presidente Conforte's being. After he served for three years as the president of the Catania Mission and then two more years as president of the Padova Mission, I was called to replace him as president of the Padova Mission in 1992. His wife is every bit as faithful as he is and they have two wonderful children, a daughter, Patrizia, and a son, Paolo. His story is an inspiration to all of us. It's been many years, but last I heard, he is the stake patriarch in Bari.

D. MartinMarch 19, 2019

What a wonderful snapshot of a truly inspirational man. I had the honor of serving as one of his "giovane missionari" 3 decades ago. To this day, he inspires me to be my best self. It's a wonderfully unique beauty of this man and his equally wonderful wife.

Mark CheneyMarch 19, 2019

President Conforte was my president in the Padova Mission from 90-92. I always new he loved me as a missionary, even if I needed reproved at times it was with love. I learned a lot from his leadership.

Rich RogersMarch 19, 2019

I served in the Padova Mission, prior to President Conforte serving as President there. But since then I have heard many stories about him and the love people have for him, including my late father-in-law, who was district president in Florence.

Malcolm McLeanMarch 19, 2019

Thank you for sharing this amazing and faith promoting story. It was truly inspiring.

John PetersenMarch 19, 2019

Wonderful, wonderful story! Thanks for publishing this.

DonnaMarch 19, 2019

What a wonderful, soul stirring interview! What a wonderful man! Thank you for sharing this story and letting us know about strong Saints across the world.

Minda LubbenMarch 19, 2019

I was so thrilled reading Pres. Conforte's story of his conversion. I am a convert too and I enjoy and love hearing, listening, and reading stories of how members found the church. Tears just running from my eyes pondering what Pres. Conforte had told his parents when they disagree of him joining the church. I have a great respect for you Pres. Conforte and may the Lord God bless you with protection and health and that He may lengthen your life for the church needs you in that part of His vineyard. Thank you so much for you.

BnE RobertsMarch 19, 2019

Please share the story of his wife. And family.

HelenMarch 19, 2019

Such a powerful testimony to the Savior's Saving Grace! This story gives me renewed hope for my entire inactive family.



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