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May 8, 2021

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Todd LillywhiteMarch 13, 2019

I knew I couldn't stay away. I hadn't made plans to attend. Our whole family is planning a visit in the Summer. But, as the time drew near and the opportunity arose. I made quick short plans to help out with the open house. I felt I couldn't use too much time off work so I was only in Italy for three days. It seemed many other volunteers were drawn to come and help. They couldn't stay away either. I am so grateful I took this opportunity. The first tour I assisted with I was paired with the grand daughter (whom I knew of but had never met) of a woman who opened her door to me and my companion on 20 June 1977 in Torino.

GINA FOCOSIMarch 13, 2019

I, too, served in the Great Italy Rome Mission during 1980-81 and was privileged to return for the first time just a few weeks ago to attend the Open House. Like so many others have already expressed, I have no more words. Only tears of gratitude at the miracles we have been able to witness with the announcement, building, and now dedication of this Sacred House of the Lord in the land of my ancestors. I am also 100% Italian and a convert to the Church! God bless our wonderful, Italian Saints, and all who will use this most sacred edifice!



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