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July 7, 2022

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David A. EvertsenMarch 16, 2019

Brett, most temple committees include individuals who have strong connections with or professional experience working in government. Rome did not. As a result, we had many Americans without experience or connections to the Italian Government (local, provincial, national) and the 'red tape' could have been avoided had you leveraged certain individuals who had direct and professional contact with Italian Government officials. It was frustrating to sit by knowing a few phone calls could have eliminated obstacles. Regardless, thank you for your dedication and service. On your next project, remember, you don't need to go at it alone.

AleniMarch 13, 2019

Thank you for this article and thank you to all who helped build the Rome Italy temple. Reading about this temple and looking at the photos and videos of the temple makes us who live far away from Italy as if we were part of the celebration. The saints and the people of Italy are so blessed.

David L BlakleyMarch 13, 2019

Bret's vision of his family and him being at the dedication is similar to my dream/vision I had about finding the Church. His story is amazing and true and I'm glad he listened to Heavenly Father guide him and didn't give up. Blessings to you and your family brother Bret!

KurtMarch 12, 2019

What a blessing Bro. Woods' service has been, is, and will continue to be for the Church, for the people of Italy, and for him and his family. After reading about a relatively speedy permitting process, the comment about the extent of the opposition was jarring. I regret that a specific example or two was not related. While certain kinds of opposition would not be appropriate for publication, were there no problems receiving materials, no weather problems at critical moments, etc., that could have rounded out the discussion? What a beautiful temple and visitors center!

Richard ShippMarch 12, 2019

The Saints in Heaven and on Earth Rejoice.

Terry BreitMarch 12, 2019

In early 2006, less than three weeks after retiring as an aerospace engineer, the mission department called asking if my wife and I would accept a full-time mission as an assistant engineer at the Nauvoo Temple. How does one turn down something like that! It was a wonderful mission serving daily in the House of the Lord. Often times the spirit would reveal how to solve a problem or what needed to be done. I was always amazed at the details even in remote “never to be seen” places in the temple. What a choice experience. Thank you for this touching article which brought back many wonderful memories.

Randal CusterMarch 11, 2019

I read this article to my wife who is a devout Catholic. We share in each others church participation. 40 years ago I served my mission in Italy. When I gotto the part about his vision I had to stop and weep openly. I have had that experience. It was in a small town of Asti. I was the Branch President for 3 months. Oddly enough a previous assignment was working in the Swiss Temple. I had a vision come to me three times. In the vision I was standing watching a large group of the members, it was the night before they left for the temple. They pressed together, smiled, a photo flash went off, and as it faded out I was left with the sweetest feeling imaginable. I knew that was my mission there. What made it a challenge is they had not one temple recommend holder, only 2 held calling, and no one had the Melchisdec Priesthood. In that period Thithing increase 300%, home teaching was 95%, activity tripled, and 21 members took callings. One sister was not a member. At our district meeting the sisters missionaries said we hope she will accept to be baptised tonight. I said she will be baptized Saturday evening. They looked surprised and asked, how do you know? Because the Lord just told me last night to call and have her sustained to a teaching position Sunday morning. 11 members should together that night as flash went off. I still charish that photo as a testimony of God's love and guidance. I wept because because like Brother Woods the Spirit said you shall know these things to be true when you see the picture take.

Marie CellaMarch 11, 2019

I so look forward to the time when I shall see the Rome Temple. The lessons learned throughout its construction only serve to strengthen us in the times of our lives that seem impossible-- through our Savior Jesus Christ. And to never, ever, ever, give up.

Virgil AtkinsonMarch 11, 2019

What company do you work for? You can email me if you don't want to answer publicly.

Roberta Lynn MarcumMarch 11, 2019

I never thought of all the trials before hand to build this historic Temple. Thank you for sharing this.

B DeereMarch 11, 2019

A big thank you to the Woods family and all those who sacrificed so much for this huge undertaking. Especially those three beautiful children. You are heroes!

Pattie SkousenMarch 11, 2019

As we look at the finished result of building beautiful temples to the Lord; we never know what takes place on the back side of building, getting permission, purchase of property, and how the Holy Ghost helps those who do this phenomenal work. Thanks for this wonderful article that gives a glimpse of the behind workings. We are truly grateful for your family and their dedication to help forward the work.

Charles D McClureMarch 11, 2019

Thank you to you and you family for the sacrifice you all made to make this happen. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights. The temple is beautiful and is a great blessing to the people of Italy.



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