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August 4, 2020

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Bill BeamanMarch 16, 2019

Scrip [S] a small bag or wallet usually fastened to the girdle ( 1 Samuel 17:40 ); "a shepherd's bag." In the New Testament it is the rendering of Gr. pera, which was a bag carried by travellers and shepherds, generally made of skin ( Matthew 10:10 ; Mark 6:8 ; Luke 9:3 ; 10:4 ). The name "scrip" is meant to denote that the bag was intended to hold scraps, fragments, as if scraped off from larger articles, trifles. History and Etymology for scrip Noun (1) Middle English scrippe, from Medieval Latin scrippum pilgrim's knapsack

Brian PrattMarch 13, 2019

Sorry - I think you missed the target on the definition of script. It is actually a substitute for money and indeed was one of the first forms of paper currency. The word script, at its root, means writing and more specifically was often a reference for the printed word (hence "scriptures"). The best example of script we have today is a personal cheque (check) but, in the times of the translation of the King James Bible, script was readily used in the management of large firms, in which employees received their wages in company script.

Meredith HarkerMarch 10, 2019

This was wonderful and we used this as a family for a more insightful gospel discussion. Thank you!

Mark MathesonMarch 7, 2019

Many fine insights. Thank you for sharing your study efforts with us.



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