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May 30, 2023

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NicholeenFebruary 18, 2019

I think this will be a great way for missionaries to share the missionary spirit with home more. Many missionaries have family members who are no longer active or who are not members of The Church. This new method of communication, directed by the Spirit, could really help missionaries testify to their family members and strengthen bonds there, while at the same time still preaching the gospel in their assigned area. I think it's beautiful! Also, writing emails and letters can take some missionaries more time than just having a quick chat, which will fit more into their missionary schedule. When chats are each week, they won't feel so rare, and can be kept short. I think it's a great thing!

MichaelFebruary 15, 2019

Why has this new policy been adopted? I have 2 ideas. First, I think a large number of missionaries experience depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses that debilitate them, some to the point of not being able to continue their missions. An increase in family connectedness and contact might help with these problems and identify them earlier when intervention might save an otherwise doomed mission. The other one is less obvious. Until now a missionary sent a single message home often by email. The distribution of this message widely was easy. We were on lists with as many as 40 people. Sometimes a frustrated or immature missionary would describe something humorously or colorfully but perhaps not as dignified as suited their calling. This would reach dozens of people and if outrageous enough might be shared with many more. A momentary minor lapse in decor could explode into an audience of thousands. Now most communication from missionaries will probably be by phone and seldom shared beyond the immediate family any more than a typical phone call between family members. We will miss all the weekly missionary emails which are not forbidden but will probably decrease. Any church researchers of Mormon culture and lore need to collect and preserve some of these communications as they represent a unique window into our missionary experience for a season that is now ending.



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