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September 19, 2021

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Grandma G.January 8, 2019

Children, understandably, should be allowed limited agency. If they were given unlimited agency... they would soon stop going to school, eating their vegetables, refuse to go to bed until they felt like it...etc... Force is a word used very incur guilt? Or what? I had a rebellious daughter. She claimed to sleep through Seminary and closed her eyes during our daily scripture study. At age 33, she recently claimed to be reading the Book of Mormon for the first time. There is always hope. My husband and I held firm on our own family gospel study and church attendance. Our children whined and complained about no swimming in our pool on Sundays and attending church even while on vacation. Four are active. One left the church after his mission and married out of the church. His wife and her lover shot and killed our son, after five years of marriage and two little girls. They murdered him in front of his four year old. He paid a heavy price for letting go of the iron rod. Hold your ground parents. Too dramatic for you? It's all true. It's been four years, still waiting for a trial.

Still StrivingJanuary 8, 2019

I'm grateful for the unwavering commitments shown. I add only one caveat. Every home is different. Sometimes resistant children are joined by a resistant parent. Some have homes with young adults in the home, others have grade school and middle school-aged children. Some already have highly entrenched patterns of rebellion, and for others it is newly emerging, etc. Every home is different. Personal revelation is the key. Pray about how to move forward in your home, and individually how to reach each child (or even a spouse). Take the path the spirit directs. Maintain your standards, and help them reach for theirs as directed. Blessings will surely follow, and even miracles will come to pass.

Jarren SmithJanuary 7, 2019

My reaction to many of these post is that they seem not to fully recognize a child's agency. I would not force my children to study to the gospel with me. My suggestion would be to do your very best to show your children your love for them. Tell them we have been commanded to study the scriptures together and that is what you will be doing and tell them you hope they will join with you. If they don't respond, just keep loving them up and inviting them. I doesn't seem to me the forcing scripture study will bring about positive results.

SofieJanuary 7, 2019

This is a most painful situation to be in. The comments that are the most helpful are those which appear to be from parents who are in, or have been in this situation. There are other comments which appear to be from parents who have never been in that situation and, as a result, appear to be preachy and somewhat cold. They do not helpI



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