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October 17, 2021

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Tom KunzMarch 27, 2019

Maureen, I don't think the obvious point was missed at all. Once the good friend died, the married man learned the lesson and I suspect it sank deep into his heart and he then learned it well. Sometimes it takes time for a person to internalize a lesson from the scriptures. Granted, 40 years is longer than we can afford to take, in this story for me it is symbolic that we all come to our own understanding of gospel truths at different times in our lives. Learning not to judge others for their speed of application, is for me, just one more test of mortality.

StephanieJanuary 2, 2019

WOW, Isaac!!!! Thanks for this. Glad I found it, surprised you didn't mention it.

MaureenDecember 31, 2018

I find the conclusions and clarifications reached by the author about the story of the two friends and their scripture study interesting, but missing one obvious point: in all that devotion and time spent "studying " about God's words, only the married man's friend apparently got their messages clearly enough to "apply" them. What use is it to spend our time and efforts only on the reading and studying if we miss the real lesson's purpose and put them into action, in this case serving his friend in a way that quietly ended the discord in his friend"s marriage for 40 years.

Scott LawDecember 27, 2018

This will be a great help as I teach this lesson on Jan. 6. Thanks so much.

Bishop RDecember 27, 2018

Thank You for a great opening lesson to give this week and next as we prepare for our new home based teaching. So well explained and many, really great tips on how we as members can make the adjustment. Seek out the other and you will learn to Come follow Me. My message to my ward will be "What seek you?" in 2019



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