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August 9, 2022

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Leo ClearDecember 13, 2018

Thank you for reminding us that without Christ in Christmas, Christmas becomes a celebration as to 'look what I got'. As a stake Just Serve Coordinator thank you for remembering true joy comes from serving others. That kind of joy remains long after the decorations are put back into the box for another year.

MaryannDecember 13, 2018

YES, yes, yes! I love the truths in this article. My very favorite suggestion was involving your kids in giving to others. When our kids were little we took them shopping to help choose gifts for the children of a family in need in our ward. Then we had a friend of ours dress as Santa and deliver them. It was so wonderful. This will bring the true spirit of Christmas into the hearts of your children and also help to eliminate selfishness. Hopefully, they will continue to do this in their own families later. If this is not financially possible, parents could help children decide what they CAN give to lift others.



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