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April 4, 2020

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Debbi MDecember 12, 2018

What a touching and inspiring story. Thanks for sharing.

Maralyn DotsonDecember 10, 2018

I just have to thank you for this article. Elder and Sister Oaks and Jenny came down to see the Shakespearean Festival plays and attended our ward on a Sunday many years ago. Our daughter taught Primary and had Jenny in her class. June and I talked about Jenny and her violin teacher. June said that she was a very demanding teacher and Jenny wanted to quit. I told her, "Don't let her!" We had a nice conversation about our husbands' white shirts - she telling me that sometimes she just ironed the part that showed and I told her my husband had a shirt on without the top button and he was officiating for sacrament meeting. We laughed together. Thanks for sharing this article!

Cynthia CarlsonDecember 10, 2018

Beautiful, touching story that simply touches my heart in a very deep way. Thank you!

Beth TDecember 10, 2018

Beautiful!!! Thank You so much for sharing this with us.

SusanDecember 10, 2018

My mom died of cancer when I was 16 (I was the eldest of five children). Her last words were, "I wanted to see you kids get married." Then she took a final breath and was taken to the other side. I guess our fantastic moms all have the same thoughts and concerns! Perhaps she was able to take time out from her new assignments to witness our marriages. Your music is beautiful, by the way, and I'm glad you use your talents to honor the Lord.

Sally SmithDecember 10, 2018

I saw her at a single adult fireside this last summer and she performed with her children. She is truly a gracious lady and a person with s giving and loving heart.



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