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September 19, 2021

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Rebecca KotterDecember 12, 2018

Could the reason be security? In any event, when our "watchmen on the tower" who represent Christ, made this decision, it's the right one.

Neal ChristensenDecember 12, 2018

This may prove to be one of the tests of faith for some members; some have fallen away for lesser reasons than this.

DavidDecember 12, 2018

I think we are all pretty stunned by this. A better explanation of the "why" would really be helpful. It's hard to imagine that pageants don't meet the goal "to increase faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and to share His gospel message throughout the world." But if not, the same would seem to be true for the Tabernacle Choir on Temple Square.

Mary E. JacksonDecember 12, 2018

Sad to hear that some of these pageants will be closing, but I trust our inspired leaders, though we don't know why this is being done. I am so happy that we will still have the Nauvoo pageant. We have attended since the first one, and it has always been so uplifting and enjoyable. Also, I'm sure it inadvertently boosts the economy of tiny Nauvoo, Illinois. I'm also sure that those residents have a much clearer and better opinion of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints than they once did.

SKDecember 7, 2018

I felt an arrow pierce my heart when I learned the Hill Cumorah Pageant would be discontinued. My family had the privilege of being in the pageant in 2000. It is the event we compare all events to as a measure. I had never felt the peace of Zion, nor have I since experienced a Zion community, as I did when I was in the pageant. When I lived on the east coast, we drove five hours and attended every year, since 1983. When I moved to Utah eight years ago, I made plans to again be in the pageant when I retired. Alas, that won't now be possible. I'll miss it by one year. I am brought to tears by this news. I realize there's probably a good reason, probably cost, but I am just in mourning for the closing of this spiritual and uplifting chapter in my life. I'm so happy we did it when we did, and my children, all adults now, had that Zion experience and were brought closer to the Savior by communing with the Saints there, and having personal witnesses of the Book of Mormon.

KurtDecember 6, 2018

The statement clearly describes the “what,” but not really the “why,” since pageants build faith in Christ and help spread the Gospel message. -- As I searched for something good which could happen as a result of the discontinuation, one important thing came to mind: with its huge evergreen trees (to hide sound equipment, pageant stages, etc.), the Hill Cumorah looks radically different from the way it did in Joseph’s time – or even 60 years ago, when I was a youth. Eliminating pageant parking, getting rid of production paraphernalia, and removing the large trees would go a long way toward restoring the Hill and surrounding site’s rural look and feel. The Hill itself would look much larger again. Making these changes would better bring the site into harmony with the description in the Joseph Smith story.



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