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May 19, 2022

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Christian MinerDecember 5, 2018

Excellent assessment. I remember the same talk by W. Cleon Skousen. I read it on my mission to Washington D.C. North in 1992. I believe Brother Hugh Nibley also wrote somewhat about it in Unrolling the Scrolls; some forgotten witnesses. It makes perfect sense to me taking what we know from Abraham that every atom of matter must have some form of intelligence attached to it by God. Mountains have been moved, the sick have been healed, the dead have been raised by order of the priesthood and it continues to this day and is Eternal. When our Savior Jesus Christ commands the waters to be still He does it by authority over an intelligence. All of it obeys Him. Likewise, Moses, Elijah, Nephi, you, and me by order of our priesthood have that same power and authority to command the rains to come, to heal the sick, and raise the dead. It is really quite simple in my mind. It must be done through faith and the power of Christ who every particle of matter and spirit obeys. What a lovely concept.

Meryl RutzDecember 3, 2018

I believe it was Cleon Skousen who gave a talk 40 years ago or so that touched on very subject, although it was not the topic of the talk. A friend read the talk to me some time ago and I marked/numbered the relevant scriptures, but couldn't now summarize it intelligently.



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