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February 8, 2023

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Dave HallDecember 4, 2018

Thank you for an excellent article. To me, it doesn't make sense that Moroni, who was fleeing for his life, would return to the battleground where all his compatriots were killed to bury the plates. To the contrary, he says clearly that he was wandering for the safety of his life. And there is a revelation that confirms this statement he made and suggests that he wandered quite a distance. When he designated the location of the Manti Temple, Brigham Young declared that he had a revelation that Moroni himself had dedicated that spot for a temple. One possible explanation for that would be that Moroni was fleeing Central America, which the archeological evidence suggests is the setting for the Book of Mormon, and traveling to the place the Lord told him the plates should be buried so that Joseph Smith could find them. I would also add that Joseph Smith's statement in the D&C, "glad tidings from Cumorah," makes no suggestion as to where Cumorah is, so that is of no help in pinning down the location. As the article states, there is no scriptural association between the hill in New York where the plates were buried and the name "Cumorah." So we are left to speculate.

Marlene Chapman SchuckDecember 4, 2018

I also believe it is not important where the Hill Cumorah is located. The Book of Mormon is true as is the Restored Gospel. However, at this time there are is no physical evidence of a huge battle having taken place in or near the hill Cumorah. The ancients practiced battles of extermination, not for victory alone, but the entire destruction of their enemies. Even if the physical remains of the inhabitants had completely vanished, their stone and/or metal weapons and household items would have been discovered a mere 1600 years after the battle! There are many references to two Cumorahs in historical church writings. It is more important that we read and live by the teachings in the Book of Mormon than being concerned about where the hill is or was. We can enjoy learning more about the location another time. Glad it is under discussion and looking forward to more information in the future

Neal ChristensenDecember 4, 2018

I'm satisfied to wait until the Lord deems it appropriate to tell us where the Hill Cumorah is truly located. The Book of Mormon is true, and that is good enough for me.

ChrisNovember 30, 2018

There is only one Cumorah and it is in new york! How can you say there is no evidence? There are lakes all over including 2 of the great lakes directly above with a narrow neck right between them. They called the great lakes seas. Think of what the Israelites called seas. Dead Sea, etc. All much smaller. The nephites were in the heartland of America as well as jaredites..... hence this being a special land etc. Etc. No offense but I think if Lehigh landed in central America in the jungle. That is no promise land.



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