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October 27, 2021

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vickieNovember 26, 2018

I remember back in the 1960's and onward how it was determined that every family needs to have only 2 kids...the nuclear family they called it. I had two kids and a few years later got pregnant with my third child. an older woman came over while I was outside and said...aren't you worried about having another child. she then proceeded to give me a sort of lecture on how my third child would use up the air that she might need to breathe. I listened to her and didn't say much and just let her leave. I never saw her again but after awhile I began to notice that most women went to work and they didn't need the stress of raising children. I also remember watching a documentary about world war II how it was necessary for women to go to work and help out in the factories and other jobs while their husbands were at war. I then saw in this documentary a news man asking one of the women what she would do now that her husband was coming home. she said I guess stop working and take care of my home and children. she was then asked how she could stand not working since she had been working for two years and she said she didn't know but she will get by. over time I saw these things change and the home life became less and less attractive to women. then over time it became more competitive the roles of women and men. I saw these things in the united states.



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