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March 28, 2023

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David HNovember 15, 2018

With regards to the growth of the church, I think many people for get the allegory of the olive tree and the prophecy which is quite clear. In the last days especially the balance between the roots and tops of the tree are carefully balanced. My understanding, which is only my opinion, is that our spiritual base both personally and collectively in our wards and branches (councils more specifically) must grow enough to teach those coming in and be trusted to keep them in the right way. IE the roots must nourish

STWNovember 15, 2018

Jesus the Christ was reviewed when I was serving in Pittsburgh, PA in 1975. I can't recall now if it was in the newspaper or on the radio. At the time I believe the city had four wards and missionaries were scattered enough that I figure we had 350,000 people in our area. The book received excellent reviews, as long as you ignored some of the doctrine peculiar to the Mormons. I never ran across anyone who had seen the review.



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