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October 6, 2022

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GrandpaSeptember 28, 2018

I would never minimize the fact that this man has been lying and needs to learn better. That is the issue. But, while stating that, his comment about her having a strong character caught my eye. Is this man feeling overwhelmed by the "strength" of her character to the point that he feels he has to be defensive or even lie to make himself look as good as her character is expecting? I am only asking; not accusing. I have a dear friend who spent his first marriage feeling as if he was constantly being evaluated and his every move being given a 1-10 score, and we church members could see how he was being punished when he didn't score as well as his wife expected. She finally left him, and he married a woman who praised and complemented him instead of the grading and evaluating his first wife put him through. He is now the happiest man on earth. Again, I'm not trying to say it's an issue in this instance; we certainly don't know enough. I'm just wondering if it could be part of the problem.



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