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September 19, 2021

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Oak NortonNovember 8, 2018

Two men have now come forward and declared they are probably the ones Christine Ford meant to accuse from that infamous party. Senate and FBI investigations have turned up zero evidence that Kavanaugh was guilty. #FordFails

KaarenOctober 2, 2018

Amazingly enough, I would sign a petition against the border wall if I knew where to find one and I am a lifelong Republican and have even served as a delegate to the county convention. Mike Griffith would, I assume, classify me as a far-left activist. Ms. Ford's story needs to be investigated and judged on its merits, not on her political affiliation.

Mike GriffithSeptember 30, 2018

First of all, let's be clear about who Mrs. Ford is: She is a far-left activist. She has also signed a petition against the border wall. She has donated to liberal causes. She has been active in liberal political circles for years. So she has every motivation to try to derail Kavanaugh's nomination with a false accusation. Now, as for Mrs. Ford being "under attack," she is under attack because the story that she told her therapist in 2012 is markedly different from her current story, which has changed twice in the last three weeks. As of yesterday, Ford was still refusing to release her therapist's notes. She showed them to the liberal editors at the Washington Post, and just the summary that the editors provided contradicts her current story. She did not name Kavanaugh when she spoke in the relaxed, confidential environment with her therapist, before this was a public issue. One can only wonder why she would not have named him in that setting. Not a single person whom Ford has named as being at the party where she was allegedly assaulted remembers what Ford says she remembers. In other words, not a single person she has named as having been there has substantiated her story. Ford claimed that she has a fear of flying because of her alleged sexual assault, yet it turns out that she flies rather often. It also turns out that she wrote to Senate Democratic staffers volunteering to fly to meet them. Ford took a polygraph a few weeks ago but says she can't remember who paid for the polygraph. How can she not know or remember who paid for her polygraph? Incidentally, her polygraph was bogus. The person who administered the polygraph did not ask a single baseline question, an omission that is unheard of in real polygraphs and that is required to establish what falsehood looks like for the person being tested. Many people wonder why Ford did not come forward when Kavanaugh was named to the legal team that investigated Bill Clinton, or why she didn't come forward when Kavanaugh was nominated for the U.S. Court of Appeals, the second highest court in the land. Why did she say nothing during all those years? If it's her "civic duty" to come forward now, why wasn't it her civic duty to come forward when Kavanaugh was on the legal that team that was going after Bill Clinton? Why wasn't it her civic duty to come forward when Kavanaugh was nominated for the second highest court in the land? I find it shocking that Kavanaugh's critics seem to have no interest in the fact that 63 women who knew Kavanaugh in high school have come forward and signed a letter vouching for his character and for his good treatment of women. Nor do Kavanaugh's critics seem interested in the fact that numerous other women who knew Kavanaugh in college and in government have come forward to say that Kavanaugh always treated women with respect and fairness. Then there is the matter of Kavanaugh's high-school calendar/diary, which provides powerful evidence against Ford's story. Kavanaugh was not even in town for part of the summer of 1982. And when he was in town, he was busy with sporting events and other activities, and his summer weekends are accounted for. Kavanaugh has lived a life of faith, family, and service for decades. He has been active in his church and has done a great deal of community service. Ford, on the other hand, is secular and has associated with far-left politics for years. Only one person who knew Kavanaugh in high school has said he was capable of Ford's accusation, and that person is Ford herself.

Mike GriffithSeptember 30, 2018

Oh my goodness. "Extremely poor judgment" . . . in high school and college? That's the new standard for rejecting a man who has lived a life of faith and family and service for decades now? Really? How about the 63 women who knew Kavanaugh in high school who have signed a letter vouching for his character? How about the dozens of women who knew Kavanaugh in college and in government who have also vouched for his character? It is sad to see how far Mormon Democrats will go to excuse the appallingly unethical conduct of Senate Democrats toward a good and decent man.

FrankSeptember 29, 2018

If Kavanaugh is not confirmed, this is the end of any decent man reaching for public office. There is not one person so good that it is impossible to find someone who will testify against him, particularly if they are protected from cross-examination and perjury charges. Suborning testimony used to be a crime; it now becomes a weapon and an industry to destroy those with whom one disagrees.

WILLIAM J SMITHSeptember 28, 2018

I know we all are for justice and truth, and protecting especially the women of all ages from sexual predators/rapist. That should be a top priority for all men, young and old. In the case of Dr. Ford, all the facts are not in. It is too early to make a judgment. When I saw a picture of her with atheist George Soros, who is responsible for wrecking the economies of several nations and bent on destroying our Constitution and taking away our freedoms, it did throw up a red flag.

EmilySeptember 28, 2018

Great article, this is truly a scary example of where we are and what people with power can manipulate. After following the hearings, I believe Dr. Ford was assaulted in her youth, I don't believe it was by Judge Kavanaugh. I've followed this closely and, there just isn't ANY corroboration. It is ALWAYS improper to presume guilt. What pathetic behavior by the democrats and their manipulations of this important process. Oh, and just because someone likes to drink beer, doesn't mean they have poor judgement. People in the "real world" do drink alcohol. The 'subsequent behavior' comment made here is unsubstantiated--unless they saw the un-redacted document...which I doubt they did. We all shouldn't jump to conclusions. More importantly, as this article discusses, it is scary that facts can be manipulated in a way to attempt to destroy a man's life.

Dan RossSeptember 28, 2018

Except Democrats did say they were hell bent in sabotaging this nomination, even before there were any accusations.

Colin McMullinSeptember 28, 2018

Deidre, Dan Bowman, you obviously didn't read the full article. Very illuminating of a shameless Democrat conspiracy and deceptions. Dr. Ford really does believe her story and I believe she believes it. So did Korihor. Dr. Ford is also a victim, but not of the judiciary process, but of Democratic machinations.

Clark KentSeptember 28, 2018

OH PLEASE GUYS. Falling down drunk is a rite of passage in high school. If we were to ostracize everyone who did that from a meaningful adult life we would not have the talented people in place we do today. As for Ms. Ford, I am absolutely convinced that George Soros' money is a soothing poultice for the slings and arrows she suffers. In short, high school peccadilloes are not a determining factor in an adult's life and I don't believe one word of Ms. Ford's. I think she is a sleeper agent reserved for just such a time like this, when the facts don't support Democrat hysteria. When Democrats can't win up or down votes, they resort to destroying the reputations of the Robert Borks, Clarence Thomases and Brett Kavanaughs. If they truly did care about sexual misdeeds, why haven't they pilloried Hillary and Bill for their inexcusable conduct to the Jaunitas, Kathleens, and Paulas in his miserable past? BTW, I am a life-long conservative and recognize a con job from the left when I see one.

Robert D BellSeptember 28, 2018

I agree with Dan Bowman; the authot’s Opinion is way off-base and is very skewed against Democrats, thus fueling the continuing abhorrent flames of fires dividing our country in traditionally conservative vs. progressive thinking. Where are the Statesmen of today? They seem to no longer exist since there is no dialogue, little compromise, and few resolutions moving our country forward invirtuous measures.

BBSeptember 28, 2018

So this older man, who I'm pretty sure has never been sexually assaulted, feels qualified to judge a victim's recollection of details when traumatized. However, I think there's a large number of women Church members who may have found themselves in very compromised situations when struggling to preserve their moral values against an aggressive male. And these ladies were not inebriated or "asking for it". I imagine many of these ladies can sympathize with Dr. Ford, and certainly wouldn't want their lives examined under a microscope by judgmental critics who call them liars.

NancySeptember 27, 2018

Thank you Dan Bowman. Having been a victim of sexual assault I can relate to the testimony of Dr Ford and am puzzled why we would want someone in a lifetime appointment without thoroughly investigating any claims of serious crimes.

DeidreSeptember 27, 2018

Dan Bowman, I agree with you.

Dan BowmanSeptember 27, 2018

This author has truly missed the point of the Brett Kavanaugh debacle. First, this is not a trial in which one is declared innocent or guilty, and there is no potential prison sentence pending the outcome. Second, no one has a right to become a Supreme Court Justice. Only those who exhibit the utmost honesty, integrity, intellect, wisdom and legal understanding should be sustained to serve on the highest court in our nation. Regardless of whether one believes Judge Kavanaugh or his accusers, there is no question Judge Kavanaugh exhibited extremely poor judgment in both high school and college when it comes to drinking and subsequent behavior. And to blame all of this on Democrats hell bent on sabotaging this nominee is ridiculous. I am a lifetime conservative Republican, & I for one find it inconceivable that Dr. Ford would subject herself to the incomprehensible attacks she is undergoing were it not true.



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