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May 6, 2021

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Beagle Lover in the SouthSeptember 24, 2018

This "agenda" of the LGBT radicals is just that - radical! Too many so called Christians are falling into the trap of NOT calling this out for what it is. Destruction of individual lives, the family structure and advancement at any cost of their social and sinful agenda. Any naysayer's are labeled with venom and poison. People must wake up! Don't let your faith be used as a hammer against you to bludgeon you over this PC nonsense. Speak out proudly - for truth and the gospel principles; say that our previous gender assignment as children of God enters with us into the mortal world at birth. Beware readers. There is NO appeasing these radicals and if you don't think it will affect you or your family or friends, you're not dealing with a full deck. It's all out war on ANY gospel principles from these folks. Though he's not LDS, we applaud Franklin Graham for telling it like it is. Same goes for the American Family Assn. and some others. We should be standing with other people of faith against this sinful and destructive agenda! Smarten up folks - there's NOT going to be a truce on this subject! Arm yourselves with faith and knowledge for a battle will come your way....

SerenaSeptember 24, 2018

Amazingly enough, I tried to get a letter through my priesthood leaders to the LDS Church president years ago about my experiences with a close relative who suffered from borderline personality disorder. I met with several priesthood leaders but the letter was just blown off when it arrived in Salt Lake. Yet here we see the research studies that replicate my conclusions. So sad that the years that could have been used to seek help for these people have instead been wasted. Even sadder that our failure to address the real issues has led to the destruction of young bodies and lives.

DeedeeSeptember 24, 2018

Many years ago I read that the medical centers that were performing these operations had stopped doing them. The reason was that the follow up psychological studies showed them to not help the people. They were still as troubled after the surgery as before. What happened to these studies? Why do we no longer hear about them? Since one of the possible symptoms of borderline personality disorder, a very serious mental illness, is confusion about sexual orientation, are we examining these people for this illness after they reach adulthood and before they receive any surgery or hormone treatments?

essaySeptember 20, 2018

This is the area I feel the most appalled by LGBT activism. I've known for years what's been described in this article of normal child development- and to have that twisted into transgenderism is insane, particularly with the treatments employed on CHILDREN. Because of normal development, it should be illegal to have any of these treatments until the person is at least 21 years old. But I imagine it will take some well publisized lawsuit from a destroyed life for something like that to happen.

HSWSeptember 18, 2018

First, schools are not a safe place, neither is church, neither are extracurricular activities. Our kids aren’t truly safe anywhere except in our homes (providing parents are careful about monitoring internet, TV, etc). Every morning we have scripture study and family prayer, loading our kids with armor, and we send them out to battle in Babylon. When they return, we detox them. Here are just a few of the things we’ve had to battle: my son had a biological female changing next to him in the boys’ locker room and our request to the school board to build stalls in the locker rooms unleashed viscious attacks and death threats from LGBTQ activists, we had a registered child sex offender delivering mail between the elementary school and my house at the same time school dismissed students each day and we had to fight for months to have him moved to a route in a 55+ community, my daughter was sexually assaulted repeatedly by a member of our stake who also sexually assaulted several other teens at school and church, and my kids see students vaping and doing drugs all over campus on a daily basis. We live in a wicked world but kids can not survive in a bubble. We have to arm them with truth, faith, and the will to stand for righteousness at all costs and we need to lead by example. That doesn’t mean we need to be offensive to those whose beliefs and values differ from ours, but we can take a stand and disagree with civility, even if that civility isn’t returned..

James BrownSeptember 18, 2018

I wish I could find the link but a YouTube presentation by the President of the American Academy of Pediatrics who discusses the pathologic response of the medical community in rushing to poison pre-adolescent children with hormone blocking therapy. Some have attacked that presentation because there are children with abnormal genotypes that may manifest abnormal or ambiguous genitalia. It is clear to me that gender dysphoria is entirely something different. If the excuse for potent drug therapy and gender re-assignment surgery is the possibility of some genetic cause, then such children should have valid genetic testing before anything is done. I can imagine that a little girl having such therapy and then a mastectomy at 16 could be very upset at 25 because she really is female but without any recourse feeling enough remorse to contemplate the worst, suicide. The fact that there is more suicide in such persons is disturbing. Jumping the gun and doing such radical things to a child has many attributes of ordinary (or extraordinary) malpractice.

Phil AndrewsSeptember 18, 2018

This type of thing makes me realize how it wouldn't take much for our country (and others) to devolve into a tyrannical government. We have to be ever vigilant to do all we can to help prevent this from happening. Especially important are politicians and judges we elect. Are they going to advance this "new age" agenda and force it on everyone who disagrees with them, or are they going to promote liberty and freedom to practice our own beliefs and a society where all views are accepted and there is religious liberty as well as the liberty to think and act differently, rather than be in lock step with the latest societal "trends" and "fads".

HK,RNSeptember 18, 2018

I feel the following so deeply. If my beliefs are not the progressive social norm, I'm labeled a bigot, etc. I fear that standing on Gospel truth is becoming more and more unacceptable to others. Sigh."... there is no civility in this discussion toward anyone that does not wholeheartedly support the transgender movement. ... The discussion devolves into what a terrible person I am... heavy charges are leveled that include words like “hate” and “bigot”, an intolerant “-ist” or “-phobic” of whatever prefix fits..... Because I do not believe the current protocol is the right protocol, my freedom to parent is restricted and I am stripped of my right to pursue another course of action, however benign and noninvasive it may be."



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