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July 15, 2024

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Grace Christophersen ChumleyApril 12, 2021

When this fire happened, my sister who has not gone to church since high school, let me know about it. I was worried along with her and others because this was the camp of our youth in the 70's. So many memories. For three sisters from an inactive family this camp was our introduction to many gospel principles. I never heard the out come of what happened to Camp Liahona but was reminded about it today and did a search. I was so glad to come across this article. Thank you for sharing your experience.

carolyn nicolaysenSeptember 12, 2018

Autumn, Thanks so much for sharing your experience at camp. I'm sure as those who were there reflect they will understand there were many more tender mercies that day and the weeks before.

Autumn LindsaySeptember 7, 2018

I was one of the counselors at Fremont Stake’s Girls Camp this year. Thank you for sharing our experience. There were so many small tender mercies that, like tiles in a mosaic, show how much the Lord loves us and blessed us! Here are a few more miracles that were not mentioned in the article: 1. Our Stake President arrived back at camp an hour after we all evacuated and told us that when he got there, the fire had spread to within a mile of the camp. 2. One of the girls talked about how she felt inspired earlier in the day to start packing up her belongings- she noted that she is a slow packer and that without this advanced warning, it would have been much more difficult and stressful for her. 3. Clark’s Fork is a popular location for Girls Camps & is usually booked solid though the summer months, so it is an incredible miracle that fire hit camp on the last day of the last stake’s Girls Camp this summer.

MikeSeptember 7, 2018

Thankfully spared, yes. Miracle? I wasn't there and perhaps this is out of line. But the camp was spared. If y'all had stayed in the chapel pictured or any of the buildings- you would have survived. Barely. I think it is common sense to not rely on tender mercies. To try and avoid trouble if you can and be cautious and not take chances which seems like what the leaders did in this case. I don't consider that a miracle really. Unless that is extremely uncommon. To have been unprepared or naive and survived- that would be a miracle. Or to have done everything possible to be prepared and still face an impossible situation and survive, that would be a miracle. I chalk this one up to good planning, discipline and wise decisions. And some good luck. I think it is worthy of discussion from that point of view, without needed to make it faith-promoting miraculous. I'm not leaving Divine help out of the equation. I happen to believe that God blesses a prepared heart and mind. Like He does everything we do every day.

Sage GallagherSeptember 7, 2018

Loved Camp Liahona back in the 80s! Seeing the chapel photo brought back memories and tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing these miracles.

Sandra TurnerSeptember 6, 2018

Thank you Carolyn for writing this article. I also have served there for many years first through the Hayward Stake and then through the Modesto North stake. It is the place that both of my girls obtained their testimonies. I had already heard that Camp Liahona had been spared, which was unbelievable at the time, but learning of the Lord's tender mercies strengthened my testimony of the Lord's love for His Young Women and their leaders.

Paul BentonSeptember 6, 2018

I too am amazed that Camp Liahona was miraculously spared and everyone was evacuated safely. We are the local ward and our members prayed and fasted that it would be. I believe Fremont Stake also had another tender mercy in August of 2007, when their returning tour busses were involved in a crash. I was one of the responding CHP officers and even wrote a brief story about it if Meridian magazine is interested.

Sonja LammiSeptember 6, 2018

Loved my experiences at Liahona in the 80s! Glad to know everything worked out well for the camp and the campers.

Lynne H. FlakeSeptember 5, 2018

Camp Liahona has a special place in my heart. I went there as a teenager, and my daughters and granddaughters have also camped at Liahona. I was praying that the camp would be spared, and I am so relieved that it was. It is truly a wonderful place.

pamSeptember 5, 2018

Does this not also remind us that we have been commanded for years and years to have our own food and other supplies? If we have to listen to the Spirit and be prepared for disasters at camp, should we not also show the girls that preparations at home to protect the home and our family should also be addressed?

Rhonda BiehlSeptember 5, 2018

Thanks Carolyn for writing this article. I have shared the link of your article with the Bear Divide Hotshot Crew from the Angeles National Forest who were at the camp fighting off the flames to save our camp.

carolyn nicolaysenSeptember 5, 2018

Thank you Sandy. The camp is a sacred place for so many, even more so now. So many happy memories and a few scary bear ones.

Linda KohlerSeptember 5, 2018

Finally I have received the answer I've been looking for. Forest maps didnt show the camp was spared. Thank you for sharing your camp's experience. As a camp director back in the late 80's at Clark Fork, I share and felt the Lord's hand you felt in watching over our girls, leaders & property. There was preparation, lots of prayer, following the Spirit. Clark Fork is my favorite camp of the three. (Treasure Mtn & Rucker Lake). I've spent 38 years serving the camping program. The last several years as Head Cook. So glad to hear the kitchen & lodge were saved. So many fond memories on those sacred grounds.

Sandy PattonSeptember 5, 2018

Dear Carolyn, Thank you for the well written (just as you do) account of the evacuation of Camp Liahona. I remember well the year I was there for our ward and my youngest daughter. The girls I shared a tent with would have to accompany me to the restroom in the middle of the night (because we had already had a bear in the kitchen).



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