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December 3, 2020

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Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc.September 13, 2018

People associated with near-death studies remember the late, great Arvin S. Gibson who wrote so many wonderful books about LDS NDEs and LDS theology compatibility with near-death research. He enlightened many people of other religions.

RoSeptember 9, 2018

Charles Dickens is one who in his writings on several occasions alluded to a near- death experience, the most famous of which is "A Christmas Carol". But there are other paragraphs and sentences in other of his books which make me think that he or someone close to him had at sometime a near-death experience.

Maryann TaylorSeptember 8, 2018

I love Dr. Moody's research and his books on the subject of life after life. He makes it clear he is not out to "prove" anything, but wished to share experiences that were related to him by his patients over and over again. However, as in any other field of learning, there are also charlatans out to make a buck and have recorded accounts regarding life after death that are in opposition to gospel truths. We need to read these various accounts through the lense of truth found in the scriptures and from modern day prophets. Anything that contradicts those truths is not from the Lord. Satan would love to lead us to believe that no matter how we live, all will be happiness and light for us in the next life. Not true.

Debbie CarrellSeptember 7, 2018

I believe I had an NDE in 1983 while undergoing an emergency c-section. Without going into details, for a very short time I entered a world beyond this one. I felt indescribable peace and love. I felt I had a choice to stay or return. For many months after that experience I struggled with the sadness of living in this world with the realities of the thousands and thousands of people starving in Africa (at that time) especially the babies and children and many more "unfair" and tragic events compared to the peace and love in that other world. But as I looked back over time I could see the great contrast and feel great comfort in knowing that whatever suffering goes on in this life and is part of all of our moral probation, this life is not the end and we have indescribable happiness and joy awaiting us on the other side.

Larry WalterSeptember 6, 2018

Return from Tomorrow by George G. Ritchie, MDis a great book as well. He had his experience before he became a doctor and it changed him greatly.

Robert CowartSeptember 6, 2018

Doctor Moody was powerfully motivated in his research after listening to George Ritchie describing his world war 2 experience documented in Ritchie's book "Return from Tomorrow". This is a very powerful experience where Ritchie describes many experiences one of which was out of his body in a tavern on the gulf coast watching disembodied spirits as they entered into the bodies of sailors as they passed out from alcohol consumption. The other remarkable experience took place in a prison camp called "Wuppertal" as they were liberating it after the war was over.

Baquedano MaryseSeptember 6, 2018

And what about John Pontius' book "Visions of Glory" ? I know it has been criticized but as for myself I do trust all of it. I read it three times and always found it awe inspiring. But that is a personnal judgment and a personnal testimoy as well. I think we are living those times described in the scriptures when "everything will be revealed". And though we have to be careful about any information we receive, we also have to be "open-minded" ... in a spirit of prayer ! Our God has plenty of incredible knowledge to give us in order to be better prepared to his coming.

Dawn chiapelliSeptember 5, 2018

I died in 1990 in the hospital before delivering my twins!!

C. Russell (Russ) NickelSeptember 5, 2018

Another book, which gives a great amount of detail, is "Return From Tomorrow" by Dr. George G. Ritchie, published in 1978. Many of the details cited reflect strongly along beliefs that we Latter-day Saints have through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Nadine AndertonSeptember 5, 2018

When I was a child of 13-14 years, I heard a personal testimony of a member of my ward who had died while working on his farm, and had the experience of being told he was needed back here. It profoundly affected the rest of his life, and hearing affected my belief about the after-life. Then about 15 years ago I met a man who moved into my ward who was descended from a common ancestor about 4d generations back. We became good friends, and he shared with me an experience where he had a heart attack a few years earlier and saw himself watching everything that was going on while medical personnel unsuccessfully tried to save his life. He described the beautiful place he went to, and meeting one of his ancestors (father or grandfather?) and ultimately having to make the choice to return to this life to finish what he needed to do. If was a wonderful privilege to hear these examples from people I knew who actually had these experiences.

Ted CrowtherSeptember 4, 2018

Are you aware of Duane Crowther's book "Life Everlasting" which details many written and documented experiences of members of the church about near death experiences. These documented writings show people who were allowed to enter the next life as well as some who were permitted to visit the pre-mortal life. their wonderful experiences also give us a great hope of the wonderful next life and the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ not so well indicated by non member near death experiences.

Dave GrandySeptember 4, 2018

Interesting and relevant article. It seems to me that there is a parallel between certain features of NDEs and Alma's conversion experience as recounted in Alma 36. As Dr. Peterson points out, those who have NDEs often don't want to return to mortality but then find themselves back in their physical body, perhaps in order to complete their mission on earth. In Alma 36: 21-23, Alma recounts how joyous his rescue from sin was, so much so that "my soul did long to be there"--near God and among angels who were singing and praising Him. Then he states: "But behold my limbs did receive their strength again, and I stood upon my feet . . ." In other words, he returned to his body, despite his wish to remain in a post-mortal state of heavenly exultation. (And, of course, it would have been post-mortal had he not returned to his body.)

Michael ChandlerSeptember 4, 2018

Unbelievers will often site lack of scientific evidence of God or life after life, because they can't fit these experiences neatly into their idea of scientific method(ultimately repeatability by anyone within their timeframe). Silly, silly.



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