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May 11, 2021

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RJRSeptember 2, 2018

The Compassionate and Safe very effective alternative to "Medical Marijuana" is Curcumin and Boswellia.Curcumin (Turmeric) is a natural spice which is common in the India region and foods. Boswellia, to me is more interesting because a key ingredient of "Boswellia" Frankincense both of which have very good anti-inflammatory properties.I have been suffering from extreme pain for many years due to multiple and various injuries including sever back pain. To deal with the pain I had been taking (allot) of Tylenol Arthritis, Allieve / Naproxen Sodium, etc., which of course is very damaging to Liver and Kidneys but what else could I do. The pain was so severe to the point of not being able to sleep for (days) until complete exhaustion finally allowed me to collapse and sleep. As a result of years of this, about 2 years ago, I started experiencing Adrenal Fatigue, Cortisol and Hormone imbalance issues which then only made the problem far worse to the point of pain in All joints, muscles, back, head, eyes, all limbs etc. etc. which lead to complete despair and ultimately Adrenal Collapse.After blessings, lots of prayers and allot of research help from family, we found Curcumin and Boswellia. After taking both several times a day after about 1.5 months (which is the normal time for then to build up in the body), I suddenly started noticing (sharp decrease) in pain and Inflammation. I am still taking both Curcumin and Boswellia (and it costs (for good quality) about $130 - $150 / month but it has been amazing for me and I can testify that it works!There are natural and safe alternatives if you're willing to look.In short, the Lord has provided medicinal herbs that are safe and effective.

JennyAugust 28, 2018

The good people of Utah need to look across the world and see a global push to legalize marijuana. Adding medical, health , compassion and healing to a highly toxic plant that contains over 103 cannabinoids is a strategy to normalize, build a pool of addicts then legalize. Who Benefits from legalizing a highly toxic plant? The addiction industry. The Australian Newspaper reports: Corona Brewing is investing $US 4 Billion in Canadian marijuana grower Canopy Growth Corp, one of the biggest corporate wagers on the potential global market for cannabis infused drinks and other products. (snack foods). Not only is Corona joining the rush to increase the addiction market, so are Constellation,($C5.08 billion and with the right to further invest $US 3.4) Heineken and Molson Coors. CEO of family run Corona Rob Sands said Constellation will have " a total mood modulation portfolio". How will parents know if their children have had their 'mood changed' AND THEIR GENES DAMAGED having eaten cannabis/hemp (hemp still has THC and other toxins) infused sodas, snacks etc? MARIJUANA CAUSES BIRTH DEFECTS Utah proves this by having the lowest marijuana use in the USA and the lowest birth defects linked to marijuana. This is why so much money is being spent to convince Utah to use marijuana. Utah will look like the rest of the USA and something else like farmers spraying their crops can be blamed for rapidly rising birth defects like gastroschisis, or dead bowel in Colorado , California, regions of Australia that has heavy marijuana use etc. Professor Stuart Reece in Australia is a world expert on the genotoxicity of marijuana in all its forms is one of the lone voices raising the alarm about marijuana. Professor Reece has all the evidence of the damage marijuana does like Dr Frances Kelsey stopped the drug thalidomide coming to the USA. She took on a major drug company and was called a petty bureaucrat when babies were being born in the UK, Australia and many other places with defects. She was the lone voice gathering the evidence. With even more money at stake in the marijuana addiction industry hiding the evidence of the toxicity of cannabis and wrap it in compassion, politician's silence and votes are being bought as well as the media and grants paid for junk science.

essayAugust 27, 2018

I get tired of people justifying marijuana because its "natural" unlike man made chemicals as if that makes it better or safer. There are plenty of "natural" things in the world that are not good or healthy for you such as snake venom, toadstools, poison ivy, etc. I live in California which has had medical marijuana for 20+ years. Marijuana advocates have admitted they got the original medical marijuana proposition passed to get the foot in the door to eventual legalization - which is exactly what happened. It wasn't hard to find unscrupulous doctors who gave out marijuana cards (not prescriptions because they'd lose their DEA license) for cash for everything from legitimate pain to a hangnail. Whoever heard of a medicine where you smoke it to take it? I'm with the Church totally on this one: if it indeed does have medicinal abilities, then it should be treated just as any of our other medications are - tested and approved by the FDA for safety, prescribed, and administered via a safe delivery system such as inhaler (proponents argue that in pill form, i.e. Marinol, takes too long to work and thus want to inhale it). Of course the strong grower and user lobby don't like that as it cuts into to profits and usage.

Perla NielsonAugust 25, 2018

It is very difficult for some one who has been blessed with a healthy body to understand what is to live in constant pain, and with muscle spasm in a daily basis. I was diagnosed with Spinal cord degeneration since I was 20 years old. I am 55 and I had going through many surgeries, epidural injections and prescribed many dangerous medications starting from Morphine, Opana, Soma and all type of Opioids and muscle relaxers that only destroy the liver and not talking about when you run off the medication, all the withdraw symptoms you have to go through. I only hear politicians talk about getting rid of the pain medications, but I don't hear an option to replaced them for all those that suffer with these horrible pains. I don't think Cannabis which is a plant from the earth will be as harmful as this other man made chemicals.I do disagreed to made it recreational, but I do support as a medical option for people in my same situation.

ViolaAugust 24, 2018

I hope people will listen to the voices of reason. All you need to do is read the actual initiative in order to realize that it is not a “medical marijuana” proposal. The proponents of it also lie, saying that it prohibits smoking marijuana and making it into things like suckers and brownies, that tempt children. They also don’t mention the number of children in Colorado who went to the hospital last year for marijuana poisoning, not the dramatic increase in usage among teens who use it, nor among the homeless population. It truly hits the most vulnerable the hardest. It’s scary!



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